Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Don't Need To Be Forgiven

One of the biggest hoaxes ever foisted upon mankind is the notion of "Original Sin". This is the belief where each and every man and woman is born with the indelible stain of the original sin of Adam and Eve against God. Mankind has always been taught that because of this stain we need a Savior or baptism in order to be forgiven of this sin. Millions of people have either been baptized, or had their children baptized in order to keep from spending an eternity in either Limbo, or Hell. Of course once you get baptized you are obligated to spend your entire lifetime in that religion or face an eternity in Hell after death.

This notion of Original Sin is a control mechanism instituted by the religions in order to keep people under their control. If you have nothing to be forgiven for, or saved from, it goes to reason that most people would not have a need for a religion. The religions of course know this and that is why they hammer us with the concept of Original Sin. The more the religions can convince us that we need them, the more we are apt to follow them, their leaders, and pay them portions of our wages to keep us safe.

It is true that each one of us is born with a debt ; but it is a karmic debt that each of us has accumulated over our many lifetimes. This karmic debt cannot be washed away by being baptized into any religion. This debt is accumulated by each of us by our actions in prior lifetimes and must be rectified by each one of us without an intermediary, or Savior involved. It is not a religion that is needed, but an understanding of this karma, and a willingness to work through it.

This brings up the question, "How do I work off past karma, and not accumulate more of it?" The quickest way to work off karma is to learn to be a giver, and not a taker in life. The quickest way to learn to be a giver is to learn how to love.

Love is always a giver, never a taker. If you can learn to give love in any one of many forms, you will be on the fast track to spiritual advancement and enlightenment. It does not matter what religion you were born in to, or what religion you choose; what matters is how much love you have in your heart, and that you give it to others. Selfishness and greed are the things that will add to your karmic debt, but love and giving will burn off your debt and help you realize that you are not stained by the actions of Adam and Eve, but beloved in the eyes of God.
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