Wednesday, June 22, 2016

You're My Best Friend

This post is about my wife, her name is Rhea.

A man is considered to be fortunate, if he has a handful of people he can consider close friends. In a world where everyone is so wrapped up in themselves, this statement is truer than ever. However, when a man finds someone as special as my wife, he is indeed blessed.

Let me tell a little bit about Rhea; she works a full time job as a bartender, but still makes the time to keep an immaculate house. She does all the grocery shopping, laundry, and most of the cooking. She takes care, and bathes the dogs; and she's there to help out when I screw something up. She's patient, caring, and understanding. She's a terrific mother, and a special friend. That's because she is not only my best friend, but she is my lover. No matter how full her plate seems to be, she seldom complains. I have to tell you, God blessed me the day I met her.

We have been together seventeen years, and married for fourteen. After my first marriage, I promised myself to never get married again; but after being with Rhea for a few years, I knew I had to wrap her up; I would have been a fool to ever let her get way. Now, I am not the smartest guy in the world, (ask Rhea, she'll tell you), but I am not that stupid. I do know a good thing when I see one.

I don't often write about my personal life, but I thought I needed to devote one of my posts, to extol the virtues of my wife. She is a very special person, and my life is enriched because of her presence in it.

So in closing, I really only have one thing to say; thank you Rhea, I love you. (Alright, that's two things, but who's counting?)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Guardian At the Gate Of Consciousness

Spirituality has always existed, but with the emergence of Quantum Physics people are now understanding that there is scientific evidence that spirituality is real. This realization is broadening to the point that mankind is reaching a tipping point where this understanding will become universal among all men. As we approach this golden age, it is important to understand how each of us individuals play an important part in this process, as we grow individually, and collectively.

Quantum Physics has shown that the behavior of particles are influenced by having an observer present watching. It has also shown that distance is not relevant in the relationship of any two or more homogeneous particles. Science cannot really explain why this is, but both of these have have been shown in many scientific experiments; and they show the power of attention, and intention. Explaining why this is so, is where spirituality comes in.

There is One Consciousness which is referred to as God; out of this great Consciousness spring the countless states of consciousness which comprise mankind, plants, animals, and everything that exists. Each state is separate, and individual, but also still a part of the One Consciousness.
The key for each of us to learn is attention, and the Law of Attraction. What you focus your attention on, is what you will attract to you.

Most of us have been taught to love God, and hate Satan; to love good, but hate evil. We have been taught to love the positive things, but to hate the negative things. What we have not been taught is that in the physical world God/Satan, good/evil, positive/negative, are two sides of the same coin. Just as a bar magnet could not exist without a positive end, and a negative end, this world could not exist without a mixture of positive, and negative.

What does this have to do with attention, and the Law of Attraction? When you love something, you are putting your attention on it, drawing it to you. Likewise, when you hate something you are putting attention on it drawing it to you. This creates a dichotomy which keeps us from manifesting what we truly want in life.

This is the secret of the mystics. If you want God, beauty, and the positive things to manifest in your life, align yourself with them and love them, but be indifferent to evil, and the things you don't want. By removing your attention from the negative, you allow the positive to manifest and flourish.
Each of us must be the guardian at the gate of their consciousness. Be mindful of the movies, TV shows, etc. that you allow into your state. Avoid taking sides in heated debates, and try to avoid all negative emotions such as anger, fear, and hate.

As mankind learns to focus on love, and beauty, and to be indifferent to evil, and selfishness, we will see the dawning of a new golden age.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mr. Nice Guy

I have one motto, “Nice guys finish first (except in football)”. It is not much of a motto, but I do try to live it.

I have taught my son, “It doesn’t cost you anything to be nice to someone”, and it is true. How can it be, that something so easy to do, and so cheap to execute, be so positive?

That is easy to answer if you happen to be the recipient of someone being nice to you. Having someone do you a good deed or a kind gesture can make your whole day if you are on the receiving end. If a total stranger can make your day by being nice, think how many people’s lives you could positively affect just by being nice to them. The thought literally boggles the mind.

If each and every one of us performed just one good deed per day, like the Boy Scouts try to do, it would change the world. Tensions between people would be slashed, blood pressures would drop. People would relax and enjoy life for the blessing it truly is.

Is it really all that easy? Well, yes, and no. The concept of it is easy to grasp, but the practice is not so easy. In order to be nice to someone, you actually have to be able to think outside your personal bubble. You have to come out of your shell, and be aware of the other people around you.

Lately this is getting harder and harder to do. Everyone has a cell phone, i-pod, or P.D.A., etc. occupying their attention. It is very easy to get wrapped up in yourself, and not notice other people.
It really is easy to be a nice guy. In the course of a normal day there are many times when you can be nice to someone if you are on the look out. Just try not to get too wrapped up in yourself, your worries, and problems.

All it takes to make some one’s day is to hold a door, smile and say good morning when you pass someone, offer the use of your cell phone for someone stranded on the side of the road; the possibilities are endless. All it takes is for you to be aware of other people, and to do something nice when the situation allows it.

There is something strange about being nice to people, it spreads

Saturday, June 11, 2016

What Is Truth? Pt. 2

Truth is something we all think we have, or are looking for. Blessed is the searcher of truth, for sooner or later he will find it.

As mentioned previously, there is one universal truth, but due to the fact that we are all living in different states of consciousness, at different levels, we all are not ready to accept, or comprehend that truth. This truth is mentioned or hinted at in every holy book ever written. I have talked about it in several different posts (“Condensing Infinity”, “Duality”, and “The Awakening”).

The funny thing about truth, is that it cannot be learned, it can only be realized. Even the most educated people will not recognize truth if they are not spiritually ready. The truth is, that the truth is surprising simple. There are no long equations to memorize, and no deep mysteries to be solved. The truth is and has always been out in the open for you to grasp.

The problem is that there are many road blocks in the way to finding truth. These road blocks have been put in your way by the religions and governments in order to keep you under their control. Anyone attaining truth cannot and will not ever be controlled by an outside force. The religions of this world know this, and that is why they have worked so diligently over the millennia to suppress the truth.

Even as I speak these words, there are fundamentalists out there ready to go on the attack; saying that I am trying to lead souls down the path to hell, and that I am a member of Satan’s minions.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I freely offer my truth to you, with no thought of reward, or asking for money. How many religions can claim this? I am detached from what you decide as truth, I leave that responsibility solely to you. How many religions do that?

I am detached because I know each person will accept whatever truth they are ready for, and nothing else. Each person must make their own spiritual decisions, on their own, without interference from me or any religious body.

However, It is imperative that each of us strive to hold the highest truth that we are spiritually capable of handling, whatever that truth may be; because that is what you will manifest into your life. You should try to be as positive, and as love filled as possible.

May you find the truth.
May the blessings be.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What Is Truth? Pt. 1

What is truth? Truth is something different for each person. How can that be? Isn’t there one universal truth that applies to everyone?

Yes. There is one universal truth that applies to everyone; however to recognize that truth one would have to be in the soul awareness. Unfortunately most of us living in the physical world are not living in that state of awareness; therefore we are not all in agreement as to what truth is. So it is safe to say that truth is what it is, according to our level of spiritual awareness, our understanding capacity, our education, and our experiences. The greatest truth to you may be trash to someone who is not ready, or incapable of understanding that truth.

This is why there is so much disparity among people’s views on God, and religion in general. Each person’s view of truth is colored by who they are, their religious up bringing, and their spiritual development.

Everyone believes themselves to know the truth. Only when one begins to doubt his beliefs, is he open to learn new and higher truths. As I grew, and had more experiences, so did my understanding of what truth is. My experiences are documented in "Kreskin's ESP Kit and Beyond".

I am still growing, and will continue to grow, as we all are doing. What is truth today may change, as what I thought truth was a few years ago did.

Do I know all of the answers? Well I think I am aware of more of them now than I was a while back, but the answer is no, because I am still growing, and still trying to understand.

There are a few things that I have learned that you might relate to; God is love. Whenever someone tells me about the judgment day, or sin or hell, I know that they are subtly trying to control me in some fashion, because I know that God loves me unconditionally. I know that more people fear God, than love It. That is one of the major travesties of this world.

I know that to be loved, one has to give love. Last but not least, I know that love can and will open any door placed in front of me on my spiritual journey.

What is your truth… now?

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Blue Skies

“Blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see.” That is the opening line of the old song “Blue Skies”. I used to listen to it every weekend when I was a kid. My dad played a lot of Jim Reeves when I was a lad, and this song was one of my favorites. Not only for Jim’s smooth as velvet baritone voice, but also because it had a cheerful, happy, spirit to it. It is a song that is rosy and optimistic, and I am an optimist.

Now a days, it is tough to be an optimist. To be an optimist you either have to be high, or soft in the head, according to most people. They think optimists are not realists. If, you get too realistic maybe that’s true, but most optimists don’t watch the nightly news, or get too caught up in what the mass media is busy spewing. Optimists are on guard to what they will open their state of consciousness to take in.

I am an optimist, because I know not to be one is to be a defeatist. I simply will not accept that attitude. I know that the only way to bring about change for the good of all, is to be positive about what I think could be, and will be.

Dr. Jung back in the 1920’s postulated about mankind possessing a “collective consciousness”, in to which every man and woman contributes to. To contribute positive vibes to that collective consciousness only helps to raise the vibes of all mankind. Keeping a positive outlook contributes to up lifting your neighbor, and your world wide brothers and sisters.

Are you with me?

Blue skies, smiling at me; Nothing but blue skies do I see…

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Loud Mouths

Teddy Roosevelt had a famous saying: "Talk softly, and carry a big stick". These were wise words because, if you truly know what you are talking about, you don't need to say it loudly.

Nowadays, we have a proliferation of people who go by a different creed: "Talk loudly, and carry a big chip on your shoulder". Bill O'Reilly is the poster boy for these people. Be as loud and obnoxious as possible, that's their mantra. Bill is certainly not alone; CNN, FOX News, and even blogspot feature a host of these know-it-alls.

I have always been of the opinion that the louder and more obnoxious a person is, the less that person knows what he is talking about. These people use name-calling, their brusque, mean demeanor, and "you wanna fight?" attitude, to cover the fact that they are not very intelligent. It is a smokescreen that anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see through.

Being the gregarious sort of guy that I am, I have some words of wisdom for these people:
  1. If you have nothing worthwhile to say...shut up!
  2. If you don't know what you are talking about...shut up!
  3. If you can't state your views without name calling, bullying, and swearing...shut up!
As my father used to say, "It is better to be quiet and have people think you are stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Day In the Life Of Me (At 73)

I am a middle-aged guy. I recently turned 53. Like most middle-aged people, my body is showing the signs of wear and tear. My hearing is getting worse, my hair is starting to show a touch of gray, my old wrestling injuries are coming back to nag me, I forget where I left my keys, etc., etc.

They say that the 50's are the youth of old age; well, if that's the case, I'm not sure I want to find out how the "geezer" days of old age are going to turn out.
With that in mind, I have a song depicting how I envision life twenty years from now. It's sung to the tune of "A Day In the Life", by the Beatles:

I woke up today, oh boy!
I'm still alive, I see, what a joy!
Went down to eat some breakfast,
But it just had to wait,
I couldn't masticate (My teeth are gone).

I saw a dirty film today, oh boy!
I got a hard on, a rare joy!
I went and showed it to my wife,
Thought I might get a poke,
But she just cracked a joke!

I don't turn....her....on!

Stood up, to stretch my back,
But my muscles started to cramp.
So I went to the bar and had a shot,
I was in a spot (if you know what I mean).

Fell down, and grabbed my thigh,
Took some pills to get me by,
I crawled outside to have a smoke,
But I had a stroke
And I let out a big scream...

Ahhh, Ah, Ah, Ahhh, Ah, Ah, Ahhh, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh!
Ahhh, Ah, Ah, Ahhh, Ah, Ah, Ahhh, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh!

I saw the Doc today, oh boy!
"Fit as a fiddle," he said, oh what joy!
He said I'd live to see ninety-three,
But I just had to cringe,
Gotta get some booze because I'm goin' on a binge!

I can't go onnnnnnnnn.......!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We Hope You Have a Miserable Flight With Us Today

As I have mentioned before, I work for one of the major airlines here in Miami. The good news is I get to fly for free,(provided there is an unused seat available) the bad news is I get treated just like everybody else (crappy).

It seems that the airlines today are trying to get us to forget that you have to pay for checked baggage, overkill security, no snacks, etc. by treating us all like seven year old children. Flight attendant training now resembles nazi nun training as evidenced by the way these people patrol the aisles, looking for reasons to berate the passengers. Heaven forbid your seat is inclined 1" during take off or landing, because you will be made to feel as if you are the lowest of low.

I had my earphones on, and plugged into the planes' audio system as we taxied for take off. One FA stopped to yell at me, " all personal electric devices have to be turned off until after take-off!" I had every passenger within ear shot of me looking at me as if I were a felon. I then pointed out to the nice lady, that my headphones were plugged into the armrest and not some offending i-pod. Without a word, she just kept going looking for the next low down perpetrator. Throughout that whole flight, we had another nazi nun, er, FA, talking over the planes public address, telling us what was now permissable, and what was not permissible.

I am not a mechanic, but I do know that the shielding for the aircraft's radio system is good enough that every person on board could be operating ten i-pods each, and not effect it. So if that is the case, why the harassment? Could it be that they have nothing better to do? Like I mentioned, they no longer hand out pillows and blankets, no longer serve meals or snacks, and no longer assist passenger needs. But heaven forbid you HAVE to go to the restroom when the "fasten seat belt" sign is on. You will have every FA on that aircraft tell you to go back to your seat as you walk down the aisle, even if its two hours before landing.

Welcome to the friendly skies!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Pat On the Back For You

Life is full of two lane streets. You give something, you get something. That is how it works in an ideal society. Everybody wants something, but not all are prepared to give something.

The Beatles, on their album “Abby Road”, closed the album with this couplet. “And in the end, the love you take,is equal to the love you make.”

Truer words were never spoken. If I could tell you a secret that would change your life, would you listen? Here it is… learn how to give love (pass it on!).

It really is that simple. The more love you give, the more you will receive.

I know that it is not all that easy to just pick up and start loving EVERYONE. You have to walk before you can start running.

You learn how to love everyone by learning how to respect them first.

Respect, like love has to be given in order to earn it. For most people though, it is easier to give respect than it is love. If you want to learn how to love, first learn how to respect.

Respect can manifest in many ways. Opening doors for strangers is a good start. Give a co-worker a pat on the back and a compliment; refuse to gossip and talk behind someone’s back; smile and greet people as you pass them in the hall; and most important, allow other people to be themselves. Not passing judgment on others is the ultimate show of respect.

As you get better at showing people simple respect, you will notice that their consideration of you has also risen. You will feel better about yourself, and nothing opens the heart to give love more than a good self esteem.

Once you get real good at giving respect, you’ll realize you’ve been giving love all along.

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