Saturday, May 27, 2017

Defining Spiritual Concepts

What constitutes evil? What is the difference between “good”, “bad”, “love” and “evil”? These are philosophical questions that man has been trying to answer since St. Thomas Aquinas; and long before him.
Good, bad, love, and evil are relative terms, and only apply in the worlds of duality. These terms are also subjective in the sense, that what is good in one culture can be seen as bad in another; the same with love and evil. With this in mind, we shall try to define good, bad, love, and evil in spiritual terms.
Good is any action that does not encroach on another person, or do harm to yourself. It may, or may not benefit another; but it does not harm them. Holding doors, mowing the lawn, being pleasant to other people, driving to work, and going to church are all good by this definition.
Bad is any action that hurts, or causes a negative effect on another, or yourself. Hitting, gossiping, vandalism, suicide, and robbery are bad by this definition.
Love in the spiritual sense, is giving to another without thought of reward, or gratitude. Love is altruistic in nature, and shown through demonstration. Real love cannot be expressed in words. Real love is demonstrated by one’s actions. A parent’s bond with a child, the miracles of Jesus, giving one’s life to save another’s, deeds of good will, and sacrifice are all love by this definition.
Evil is achieving one’s own desires no matter what the cost to others. Evil is self absorbed, and egotistic in nature. Evil has no regard, what so ever for anyone else, only for its desires. Murder, rape, tyranny, and black magic are evil by this definition.
Satan is the embodiment of true evil in this world. It is inconceivable that anyone would choose to worship him. The true manifestation of evil is incapable of love, how could these souls believe that he will return their adoration?
As stated above, these terms are relevant only in the worlds of duality, the physical, the astral, and the mental. When one goes beyond these worlds, there is only love. Our problem is traversing our path through these lower worlds until we have earned the higher ones.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kamikaze Drivers

Like most people I have to work in order to make a living. One of the major problems with having to work for a living is that you have to drive to get there.
I used to live in Rochester, NY. It is a mid sized city and the traffic jams are never very bad.
I now live in Miami, FL. It is a major metropolitan city with many millions of people. Most of them come from other countries, and they drive like it.
I don’t believe I am being prejudiced when I say that they all drive as if they went to the Tokyo Driving Academy; and most of them majored in kamikaze.
I have to be on top of my game every day. My wits clear, joints, and muscles ready for action. Driving to work is a lot like playing “Asteroid” but you are in a car, and it is real. Zigging, zagging, trying to avoid the space debris, I mean…kamikazes.
Drunk drivers are all most nonexistent here in Miami. They are far too easy prey for the kamikazes.
I am contemplating wearing grown up diapers when I dive to and from work. I might as well, I crap my pants every other day or so.
These days we all have a lot of stress in our lives. I believe that the grown up diaper will reduce some of that stress in my life.
Excuse me while I change will you?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Who Really Wants To Impeach Trump?

We are hearing a lot of people clamoring for the impeachment of Pres. Trump. Trump came into office to "Drain the swamp". Name one person who is clamoring for Trump's impeachment who isn't part of the CCC (Criminal Crony Class). Go ahead, I'll wait (sound of a foot tapping). You can't do it because all of those clamoring are in the swamp. Time to clean up.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Stop, Think About What Our Government Is Doing (And Spending Our Money On)

For 1/10 the money we spend on war, we could give every American FREE health care. Hell, for that amount we could eradicate world poverty. Think about what our government is doing to us, and the world.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Condensing Infinity

Man's view of God really hasn't changed much in the last 4,000 years. Even today, most people's conception of God resembles Michelangelo's famous depiction on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City. There is God, often depicted as a gray-haired, bearded old man, and there is Man, created by God, but separate and distinct from God.
This sense of being separated from God has been used and compounded by the religions of the world. They have set themselves up as intermediaries between Man and God. This position has given the religions immense power because Man feels he needs a religion to connect him to God. Without this connection, Man has been taught that he will be doomed to an afterlife of eternal damnation.
It is time that mankind be told the truth. The consciousness of mankind has progressed enough that many can finally cut the umbilical cord between the Self and organized religion. Mankind is now an adult and can stand on its own two feet.
The only separation between Man and God is the wall each of us has built to hide our self from God. The need to hide from God is the result of guilt and shame that has been hammered into us by the religions.
Let's talk about God.
In truth, there is nothing that can be said about God; to do so is to limit the limitless. However, since we are working through a human brain, we cannot comprehend the limitless, so I will try to condense infinity for comprehension purposes. God is, you are. Does that help? No? Then let me condense infinity some more for you. God is love; we exist because God loves us.
Since there is truly no separation between God and Man, does that mean that each of us is God? Because each of us has developed an ego in order to function in this world, that is not totally correct. It would be more correct to say, God is each of us!
Why is there evil and hatred in the world? Each soul has been given free will, and not all have learned the lessons of love. It takes thousands of lifetimes to learn through trial and error all the lessons needed to be learned before revelation has been earned. All of these lessons are about, and based on love.
That is why love has been stressed by every Saint and Savior that has ever come to help Man evolve. All you need is love!
There really is nothing else to say.
May the blessings be.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

I've Got Work To Do

After reading "The Easter Egg Eating Contest", and "A Transcendental State of Gullibility", I'm sure many folks are thinking that I am a cruel person. How could I do something like that to my own brother? In my own defense, I must say that I did pull some cruel practical jokes on Albert, (the Easter egg eating contest just one of these) but not one of them was premeditated. I honestly did not lay awake at night thinking of ways to get him. I would just find myself in a situation, and ad-lib it from there.

They were very funny at the time (except to Albert). Now almost 40 years later, I do feel bad that I was such a bad brother to him, and I have been trying to atone to him. I have written before that I believe this world is one big school, where soul learns how to be a mature soul, mostly through trial and error. Fortunately, for me, as I got older I got to be more of a free thinker. I learned that humor should not be derived at someone else's expense.

I have also learned many other lessons, some which came easily, while others have taken much effort on my part. There is an old saying "Only the good die young." I believe that to be true. If you have learned all the lessons you came here to learn, there is no reason to hang around. Well, I can say with some degree of certainty, that you will be able to read my dribble for many years to come.

I have many more lessons to learn. I've got work to do.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Meet the New Boss, Same As the Old Boss

    I have to admit, I did not vote for either Trump, or Hillary; I am sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. I also have to admit that I was happy to see Trump elected over Hillary because I know from her past how evil she is, and thought Trump would be less of an enemy to the USA, and our Republic.

    Well after 100 days in office I see that things haven't changed much from the (sad) days of Obama. I want to share a clip with you from Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells. I encourage you, whether you are a Trump supporter, or not to listen to the whole segment. It is time we wake up. 

    Thank you for your time.  Mike

    Saturday, April 29, 2017

    A Transcendental State of Gullibility

    This was my next nefarious scheme after "The Easter Egg Eating Contest"

    When I was a young teen there was this girl that everyone had the hots for; her name was Pam Prue. Pam was a gorgeous girl for a fifteen year old. She had long flowing hair, a pretty face, and a big set of knockers; all of these things were rare for a fifteen year old girl in my school. All of the boys in school had the hots for her. One of these boys was my older brother Albert. Pam used to ride the same bus as Albert and I, and Albert was always drooling over her. The problem for Albert was that since she was so beautiful, she had her pick of any guy she wanted to go out with. Albert was over weight, and obnoxious, so he never really had any chance with her, and he knew it.

    Shortly after the end of my freshman year during the summer vacation I was hanging around at my friend Doug’s house. Doug’s parents both worked during the day so Doug’s house was the logical place for us kids to hang out at during the day. Doug and I were bored, very bored and we didn’t know what to do for kicks. We were so bored that I finally said to Doug “I’m going to call Albert to see what he’s up to.” This shocked Doug because we NEVER wanted Albert to hang around with us.

    I called my house and Albert picked up the phone “Hello” he said. I really don’t know what came over me, but I said in as high a voice as I could muster “Hello, Albert, this is Pam Prue.” Albert replied “Really?” I figured Albert would recognize my voice immediately but he didn’t, he really thought it was Pam Prue on the phone! Since I had Albert on the line (both literally and figuratively) I kept going using bashful sounding pauses to figure out what I was going to say. “Yes” I said, “Since school has ended I have missed not seeing you on the bus. I was wondering if maybe you could come by and see me?” Albert, noticeably taken by surprise said “Really?” I said “Yes really. I have been noticing you a lot lately and I think you are kind of cute. Can you come to my house and spend some time with me?” Albert said, I would like to but I have to mow the back yard right now.” “Well can you come over after you finish? I really would like to see you.” Albert replied, “I’ll be over as soon as I get done.” I said “Please hurry, I really want to see you!” Albert said “I’ll be there in an hour.” Then he hung up.

    I hung up the phone and looked at Doug who was sitting at the table agape not believing what just happened. I said, “Let’s wait ten minutes then walk down to my house.” We waited ten minutes then made the short walk to my house. Out in the back yard was Albert sprinting back and forth across the back yard with the lawn mower! It took all of our self control not to bust out laughing until we got in the garage where Albert couldn't see us. We weren't laughing very long because here came Albert. Albert threw the lawn mower in the corner of the garage, jumped on my little sister’s banana bike that he was two sizes too big for and started peddling off. “Where are you going in such a hurry?” I shouted to him as he left. “Never mind you turkeys!” was all he said as he peddled away on the three mile trip to Pam’s house. Doug and I continued laughing our butts off until our sides were sore.

    Albert had once again reached a transcendental state of gullibility.

    About an hour later I went home for lunch. My mother had various cold cuts and bread on the kitchen table so we could make sandwiches. Albert was making a sandwich so I strategically went on the other side of the table to make mine. I causally mentioned to Albert, “So Albert, how is Pam Prue?” Albert burst out “You son of a bitch!” and started chasing me around the table to a chorus of “Stop! Stop!” by my mother. I made a dash for the door and away I went.

    Forty years have come and gone since that day. I have never found out what happened when Albert showed up at Pam’s front door. To this day Albert maintains he figured out my scheme before he got to her house, and turned around.

    I know Albert better than that.

    Saturday, April 22, 2017

    The Easter Egg Eating Contest

    I grew up in a family of five kids. Albert, was the oldest, followed closely (ten months), by me. The fact that we were so close of age is probably what led to his downfall. Albert was really a pretty good brother, especially as big brothers go. However he had committed a sin for which I could never forgive him. He was born before me. I was always a motivated individual, and a schemer. Albert was overweight, and pretty laid back. He was also very gullible. This made him perfect for my schemes.

    My best friend Doug's parents both worked during the day, so we often hung out at his place. Doug was the muse for my schemes. One Good Friday, we were off from school, so that meant I was hanging out at Doug's house. Doug said to me "hey, I colored a bunch of Easter eggs." I said "so what?" Then he went on to explain that he colored four raw eggs, besides the hard boiled ones. "I colored all the raw eggs red so I would know which ones they were. But I haven't figured out what to do with them." I said to Doug, "grab two good eggs, and one red egg, and let's walk down to my house and see if Albert is home." Doug said "what ya gonna do?" I said "I don't know but I'll figure out something."

    We walked down the street to my house with the eggs. Outside my house,in the side yard, was Albert. The situation was perfect. I walked up to Albert, and said "Albert, Doug and I officially challenge you to an Easter egg eating contest!" Doug then showed Albert the colored eggs. Albert said "ok turkeys! I'll kick your asses!" "Doug officially present Albert with the official Easter egg" I said as officially as I could. Doug handed Albert the red egg. "Albert, these are the official rules to the Easter egg eating contest. On the count of three you will crack the egg on your forehead, shell it, eat it,and the first one to whistle wins. Got it?" Albert said "you turkeys, I'll kick your asses!" Meanwhile Doug is shooting me sideways glances, not believing what was happening.

    What happened next was what you would see in some TV sit-com. I counted to three, Albert splattered his red egg all over his face, and I some how managed to elude his grabbing me for the next hour while laughing as hard as I could.

    Albert had reached a transcendental state of gullibility, not to be matched, until my next nefarious scheme.

    Saturday, April 15, 2017

    What You Gonna Do About Us

    This world is, and has been controlled by insane pedophile satanists for a very long time. But their time is up. People are waking up much faster than they ever imagined.

    The elite satanists are small in number, but we, the ones they want to eliminate are much larger in numbers. The only reason they still exist is because they have most of us living in fear, and dread through the media systems they control.

    The best way to free yourself from these control mechanisms Is to turn them off. Limit your use cell phone use, turn off your TV. Don't believe what the main stream media is spewing, and most of all reconnect with life, and the positive.

    This can be done in many ways: Spend time in nature, meditation, yoga, contemplation, lucid dreaming, singing the HU.

    The world seems insane, but it isn't. The world is being run by insane people. The more we wake others up to this, and the faster we do this, the quicker we will enjoy the coming New Age.

    May the blessings be

    This song is almost 50 years old, but the last line shows what will happen when we all wake up.

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