Saturday, December 3, 2016

Maintaining An Attitude Of Gratitude

There are many people today that are interested in opening their heart center, also known as the heart chakra. The reason they want to open this chakra is to experience divine love, and the bliss associated with it.

There are also many people that are looking to develop a closeness with God that they never experienced before. The best way to accomplish both of these is by learning to give love, to the Divine, and to all of It's children.

The easiest way to give this love is to learn how to return the abundant love we have showered upon us each day by God. This is accomplished by keeping an attitude of gratitude. Nothing induces the giving of love as much as being thankful for the love, and blessings you receive.

For many of us it is easy to find things to be grateful for in our lives; abundant food, a house, a loving spouse, children, and a job are to name a few. Some of us are going through tough times and it may not be as easy to find things to be thankful for, but when you think of it, no matter how rough the stretch of karma you are working through, there are still plenty of things to be grateful for.

Material things are great, but the most important thing we all have to be thankful for is the gift of life. Each and every one of us exists because of God's love for us. I am not talking about this particular physical life you are now living, but the everlasting life we are all assured of by being the Children of God. We are all the Son's and Daughter's of God because we all have been given the Divine spark of consciousness from that part of God we call The Holy Spirit.

There are many names for this part of God; The Holy Ghost, The Bani, The Eck, The Word, The Holy Spirit, and many others. It does not matter what name your particular religion calls It, only that you realize that you are part of It, and that It enlivens you and all life.

Physical bodies will change from lifetime to lifetime as we grow and mature as spiritual beings, but our true self is unchanging and eternal.

By spending a few minutes each day giving thanks to God for the gift of life, and all the blessings and experiences that come with it, you will gradually open your heart chakra to receive, and realize Divine love. You will also develop an attitude of gratitude that will permeate your entire being and help you find the closeness with God that we all are looking for.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

An Open Letter To Those Nice Folks At P.E.T.A.

(Ed. note) This is a work of humor, not to be taken literally (especially any mention of cannibalism).

The holidays are here and once again it is time to engage in that old holiday tradition; listening to P.E.T.A. complain about the unethical treatment of turkeys, cows, chickens, pigs, and other edible animals.

I for one, am all for the ethical treatment of animals; however I do like to eat them also (especially with dressing and turkey gravy). This may seem like an ethical dilemma, but trust me it is not. I can rectify this seeming enigma in several ways.

First of all PETA there is such a thing as a FOOD CHAIN. If you can’t find it in your PETA handbook, I am sure you can ask your seventh grade daughter to show it to you in her biology book. Take a good look; are turkeys, cows, and chickens, and pigs anywhere near the top? Of course not! Turkeys, cows, and chickens are just above plants, and dirt in the food chain pecking order. This means that they are on this planet to be eaten. Think about it; if we people were not eating them, some other animal would be. Who would you rather see stave to death; me, or some fox, coyote, or wolf? Knowing you PETA guys I don’t really want to know your response.

Secondly, I read a really good novel recently that contained a really good step by step description of how turkeys are slaughtered. First they are hung upside down which disorientates them, then they shock them to daze them, then they slit their throats. What ever happens next I really don’t think the turkeys care about. But the fact is the turkeys never know what hit them so it is a benevolent way to kill them. I personally believe the turkeys would rather die like this instead of being grabbed by the throat and shaken to asphyxiation by some fox. But really, does it matter? Turkeys have a brain roughly the size of an almond; they barely know seed from gravel. I personally feel you could kill them anyway you want, and they wouldn't know the difference.

Third, if all of us people who enjoyed eating animals suddenly stopped, how would YOU eat? Face it there is only a limited supply of tofu and wheat in this world. Maybe if we got hungry enough we could eat you! We know you tofu lovers are low in fat and probably very tasty. I think you guys should shut up and leave well enough alone while you are ahead and still have plenty of tofu.

Oh, by the way PETA if it will make you feel any better, I want you to know that my Thanksgiving turkey came back to haunt me over my inhumane treatment of him.

I never should have had that turkey salad sandwich right before bed!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Goodbye Best Friend


Is there anything worse than to wake up in the morning and to find your best friend lying dead? Anyone who has ever owned a dog or a cat for a pet knows what I mean. Everything seems just fine, then you go to bed one night and wake up to find your friend gone. No warning, and no chance to say good bye; just gone. Here one day, gone the next.

This is what all pet lovers, and pet owners go through one time or another. Maybe it's not a dog or a cat, maybe it's a pet guinnea pig, parrot, or ferret; whenever you lose a friend it hurts, especially when it comes unexpectedly. There is nothing you can do or say, and you are always left with an empty pit where your stomach once was.

People who don't have pets will have trouble understanding this. People who don't have pets will never understand the unconditional love that pets give, and how they give you the chance to give it. Few things in life help us learn how to open our heart to give love, as much as owning a pet.

So, as I say good bye to my old friend, I just want to take this time to thank you for teaching me how to give love, and how to accept it. Thanks for always making me feel loved even when I didn't feel very lovable. I hope some how, some way, I made you feel the same way my friend.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Big Butts

I come from German ancestry, almost all of my forebearers are German. I am a third generation American. However because of excessive in-breeding by my Grandparents, and parents, I am almost all German by descent.

Not too bad really, I was always a very good athlete; but there was one stigma I never could shake, the German Big Butt Syndrome (GBBS). It seems that all Germans (and their progeny) have big butts! And I don't mean kinda big, I mean BIG.

Like I said I was always a good athlete, but even in the best of shape, I still had a noticeable butt. "Bubble butt" is what they called me at work 10 years ago, while at the time I was running 35mi. a week to prepare for a marathon!

Well here I am, 10 years older, and only jogging (maybe shuffling is a better term), 12 mi a week.

The bubble has gotten bigger.

I try not to make a habit of bending over in front of my crew at work. The whistles and the snickers, are very embarrassing! "Hey! I can't help my DNA man! Show a brother some compassion will ya?" And to think what a good boss (jeffe, in spanish) I am to them.

Like "Dirty Harry" said,"A man has to know his limits", and right now my limits are being contained in a 36" waist. At least I know if I hap-hazardously bend over in front of someone, no one will get hurt... unless I clip them with my big butt.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ghost Hunting Made Easy

Ghost hunting is very popular these days. There are literally dozens of shows on television, radio, and pod-casts concerning ghosts, and ghost hunting. Perhaps you wish to become a ghost hunter, or just learn about ghosts; this article is for you.

Most folks are interested in ghosts because they wish confirmation that there is life after death, others simply are interested in the occult, and the unknown.
Before we get into ghost hunting, we need to know what a ghost is.
Man is a spiritual being that exists on many levels of existence all at the same time. These levels of existence are differentiated by the vibration rates of each one. The lowest vibration plane is the physical which all of us here are aware of. As we move up the vibration scale we encounter the astral plane, then the mental realms, and finally we encounter the planes of pure spirit, also known as the soul planes. Each individual soul has a corresponding body for each of these planes, so that soul may be protected from the denser vibrations, and also that soul may interact with that plane. We all are familiar with our physical body, but most people are not familiar with the other bodies they possess (unless you meditate, or do out of body travel).
When a person's physical body dies, the soul will leave that body and take up it's astral body and function in the astral plane as an astral entity. Most people when they pass over will remain near the old physical body for a few days to say good bye to loved ones, and to listen to what the living have to say about them. They then will go into the light to get their past life review, and prepare for their next physical incarnation.
Some souls however, may have lived a negative life, and are afraid to go into the light because they feel they will be sentenced to hell, or limbo. Some refuse to go into the light because they are still attached to physical pleasures (alcohol, drugs, sex) and do not want to give them up. These earth bound astral entities are what we call ghosts.
Ghosts are still aware of the physical, but for the most part, are not able to interact with it due to their finer vibration rate. Ghosts that remain behind because of their love for carnal pleasures will often try to find a physical host they can attach to so they can enjoy these pleasures vicariously through that host. Most alcoholics, drug abusers, and sex offenders, have a parasite ghost attached to them, and are not aware of it. If you wish to ghost hunt, you must realize this and take steps to protect yourself from possible possession. No astral entity can attach itself to you without your permission whether overt, or subtle. Before ghost hunting you should always say a prayer asking God to protect you from the astral entities you will encounter.
Most ghost hunting shows will go to old prisons, mental institutions, and hospitals to look for ghosts. I do not recommend this as these places were filled with anti-social, and possible malevolent people, who are now malevolent astral entities. Never challenge, or dare an entity to attack you, this is subtly giving them permission to attach to you or follow you home.
The best, and easiest place to look for ghosts is in any old bar. If you had special glasses that could allow you to see ghosts, you would see that almost all older bars have a few ghosts in there. Go to any older bar when it is not crowded, and bring a digital recording device with you. Ask the bartender if the bar has any ghosts. This will let the ghosts inside know that you are interested in them. The ghosts will then come and sit near you and talk to you, which may be picked up by your digital recorder as electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).
There it is, ghost hunting made easy. Just remember to never be afraid, and to never show fear. Believe it or not, most ghosts want to let people know they are there, and they want attention.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


This world is a very complex place. In spite of this complexity, there is one thing that everything has in common; everything has an opposite.

This is a world of duality. This means that nothing in it exists, without it’s opposite. There is no cause, without effect; no light without dark; no good, without bad. There is no spiritual, without animal; no giving, without taking; no hardness, without softness; no love without hate; and no grace without sin.
The reason for this duality is that this is a spiritual-material universe. Everything in this universe is composed of a mixture of Spirit (energy), and matter. Einstein proved with relativity that all matter is actually energy in a condensed, or stepped down form, so everything is Spirit in either a higher, or a lower vibration rate. The higher the vibration rate of the substance, the more we will perceive that to be energy, and the lower the vibration rate, the more we will perceive it to be matter. This perception is based on our relative view point of the substance.

The two different natures of spirit account for the duality found in this world. The spirit of higher vibration is positive in nature, and the lower vibration is negative. Both are essential for the physical universe to exist. Do not make the mistake of equating positive with good, and negative with evil, because they are actually the same; and arise from the same source. In order to have a physical world you need a denser vibration level of spirit in order to have “solid” objects. All of these “solid” objects, are animated, or manifested by higher vibration spirit (i.e. The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit, The Eck, The Word, etc.).

There are many names for this higher vibration spirit, and each religion has their own name for it. In the same manner each religion has a different name for the originator of this power (i.e. God, Allah, Sugmad, Jehovah, etc.).

This is the true explanation of the holy trinity as taught by most of the world’s religions. There is The Father (God). Out of The Father emanates The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit manifests The Son (mankind). The Holy Spirit manifests not only mankind, but everything in this physical universe. This is the secret to the “oneness of everything” as expressed by the mystics, Saints, and Saviors.
This world was created by God as a training ground for It’s Son (Man). Man must learn through many lifetimes, how to navigate and understand the duality of this world, and to stay in balance with the positive, and the negative.

In spite of the duality of this world, there is one thing that all opposites have in common…God.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

When I was a young lad, the night time sky was mysterious, and full of wonder. I was taught to always make a wish on the first star appearing in the evening dusk. To this day I remember those days, and I often still do make a wish when I see the first star of the night. Well, perhaps I should say wishes; like everyone else, the older I get, the greedier I get. I thought I might share with you the list of wishes I burdened tonight’s star with.

1) I wish that my car will last at least a year longer than the payments on that car.
2) I wish that I may live long enough to someday retire.
3) I wish that when I do retire, I can afford to do so.
4) I wish for true medical benefits for everyone, were a reality, and not a pipe dream.
5) I wish I could run a marathon fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
6) I wish the Oakland Raiders would win another Super Bowl in my lifetime.
7) I wish terrorists would crawl under a rock, and never be seen, or heard from again.
8) I wish for several cases of George Dickell No. 12 Tennessee Whiskey
9) I wish there was a 16 team playoff system to determine the National Champion in college football instead of the B.C.S. system.
10) I wish to win the World Series of Poker, at least once.
11) I wish to be a well read (and well paid), writer of meaningless drivel.
12) (oh yeah, I almost forgot) I wish there was peace on Earth, and good will towards men.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Translating "Woman's Speak"

There have been many books written throughout the years about the differences between men and women. They all extol their reasons for the apparent differences between the sexes. Men are from this planet, while women come from another; women are emotional in nature, while men are rooted in the mental realm etc.

As a guy who has been studying the female of the species for over thirty years, I have found the major difference between the sexes. Women speak a different language than men. It sounds simple but that is the major difference between the sexes.

For the male readers out there who have not mastered “woman speak” I will list a number of woman speak phrases, and then translate them for you. It is my hope that I may be able to spare many of my fellow guys any more angst than they have already been through.

1) “I like love handles on a guy. It gives me something to hold on to.”

Translation: I would love you to have the abs, and butt of Brad Pitt, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings.

2) “You’re kind of cute”

Translation: I have my beer goggles on, I haven’t had a man in six months, it’s getting late, and I’m actually considering you.

3) “I have a headache”

Translation: It is always about YOU. Where were you last Friday when I was in the mood and you got too drunk to perform!

4) “Sorry I didn’t get you a birthday card, but I am not a card person”

Translation: I am not into giving cards, however you better remember to give me a card on every special holiday, event, and Valentines Day; or I will rag on you for two weeks after the missed event, and for two weeks prior to next year’s.

5) “Do I look fat in this?”

Translation: I want you to tell me how thin, and sexy I still am.

6) “She has fake boobs!”

Translation: Why are you looking at her?!

7) “I normally don’t do this”

Translation: You are going to get lucky tonight.

8) “If you touch that air conditioner, I will kill you!”

Translation: I am having a hot flash, and I will kill you if you try to turn down the air conditioner.

9) “I don’t feel like sex tonight”

Translation: I want you to take me to dinner, a movie, and out for a couple of drinks; maybe I’ll change my mind.

10) “I think I am a very level headed woman”

Translation: I am crazier than a shit house rat, and I make Amy Winehouse look like Mother Teresa.

11) “Tequila makes my clothes fall off”

Translation: If you want any action tonight, buy me a tequila!

12) “I don't think you appreciate me”

Translation: Wine me, and dine me, you slug!

I am currently working on my Guy to Lady; and Lady to Guy dictionary. I know this will be a very valuable tool for both sexes.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chipping Away

After posting one of my spiritual essays last week, I received a very lengthy and thought filled comment from one of my readers. The comment basically stated that my ideals are fine, but with the world in such a mess, that they were not feasible on a world wide basis. His premise was what good would good will, optimistic attitude, and good deeds have to do with the suffering in various parts of the world.

In truth, there is very little I or any other individual can do to alleviate the suffering in the world. What I do is try to teach spiritual lessons to those readers that are ready to learn them. I am not trying to convert anyone from their religion, or coerce their way of thinking to meet my way. The lessons I teach are the lessons that soul has to master in order to graduate from this world. By graduating I mean they no longer will have to reincarnate back after this lifetime unless they choose to do so as a teacher, or way shower. Graduating also means they are no longer under the bend and sway of karma, for they are now true co-workers for God, and beyond karma.

There is another reason I write spiritual posts; I am hoping to help raise the consciousness level of all of humanity. Bit by bit I hope to chip away at the spiritual ignorance of mankind. I am not alone, there are many of us out there right now working to up lift mankind.

I have talked before about the collective conscious. This is something that each and everyone one of us is connected to, and that each and every one of us contributes to. If you have ever heard of the 100th monkey syndrome it talks about how a whole population of monkeys learned a new behavior instantly after the 100th monkey had learned it. It seems that 100 was the critical number to uplift the whole population through their collective conscious.

There are now about 6 billion people living on this planet; I don’t know what the critical number of people would be to up lift the whole population, but I and others like me are chipping away at that number by teaching those that are ready. Then hopefully they will teach others about the power of love, and the freedom of soul.

Chip, chip, we are working to teach, and up lift all. Want to help?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fear Is Spiritual Poison

Many people today are living in a constant state of fear. 

They are afraid of going to hell, they are afraid of terrorist attacks, they are afraid of governmental control, they are afraid of the economy, they are afraid of the price of oil, etc. Very few people realize that we are, and always have been conditioned to be fearful. The major news networks are nothing more than government run fear mongers, and it is impossible to watch them without becoming fearful, or depressed. Your major religions are always telling you that you will burn in hell for all eternity if you don't follow their dictates. The average person's anxiety level is maxed to the limit.

There is a reason for this. Governments, and religions have always acted hand in hand to keep the population under control. There is no easier way to control people than to keep them living in fear.

Fear is spiritual poison. Fear closes down the natural pathways between man and the divine within. With these pathways closed down man is nothing more than an animal, instead of the spiritual being he truly is. There is a reason religions liken their followers to sheep; they want you to merely follow along and contribute to them, not to grow spiritually, or to be different.

If you truly want to grow spiritually, and if you truly want to be free, you need to escape the bonds of fear. Life is to be lived, and experienced; this cannot not be done while living in fear.

As long as you feel you have something to lose; your life, your house, your soul, etc. you will be subject to fear. Realize you have nothing to lose, and fear loses it's grasp.

Then you can reconnect with the divine and realize you have everything.

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