Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Price of Being Nice

I don't really care for commercials. I normally fast forward through them if I'm watching on TIVO. But there is one set of commercials I will watch.
Ever see the ads for Liberty Mutual where one person does a good deed, and is seen by someone else? Who then does something nice for someone else, which is witnessed by a different person? This cycle is repeated until someone does something nice to the original good-doer, completing a circle of good deeds.
Now, most commercials insult my intelligence, but this one is actually teaching us a lesson with value. I tell my son (who is a bit of a grouch), "it doesn't cost anything to be nice to someone".
It's true. Most of the time you will not even have to go out of your way to be nice to someone. If you pay attention, you will notice numerous times in the course of a day, where you can. However, most people are too wrapped up in themselves to notice other people. Everyone today is either talking on a cell phone, or listening to their i-pods; off in their own little worlds. But even these space cadets notice when you do something nice for them.
You should see the looks I get from some people, by just holding a door for them, and saying, "good morning"! They are shocked, but they like it. Let's face it, everyone likes to be treated with respect, like a person, not just another face. And it doesn't cost a thing to lift someone's day.
Let's all try to create a circle of good deeds everyday.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bad Intentions

I love American football. I also love Australian rules football, but that's another subject. Today I want to tell you why I love football(American style).
I played when I was younger,and there is no adrenaline rush quite like football. Running around, causing mayhem on defense, giving out punishing blows when on offense, and otherwise throwing your body around for the sake of the team.
My dad taught me young,"play with bad intentions, football is no place for nice guys". And that is what's so cool about football, there are two teams, each with eleven guys, who are trying to knock the snot out of each other.
Sure there are rules that prohibit some actions, but believe me, you can really do some punishing within the rules. Since everyone is trying to lambaste someone else, sooner or later you will end up the lambastee. Not as much fun as being the lambaster. But that's football and that's why its so great; each guy knows he will either be the punisher, or get punished, each snap of the ball.
This is not for sissies, or soccer players. It takes wackos to play football. No truly sane individuals will do this to themselves. But, if you are just wacky enough, there is nothing like it.
Now a days, I am an old fart who coaches pro and college games from an easy chair on the porch. Well, I act like I'm coaching; yelling out instructions to my team on every snap. I am so intense that I have to keep a six pack in my frig. just so I don't lose my voice. I have to learn to lighten up.
This weekend, the Oakland Raiders lost (again).
Right now I have some very bad intentions for my TV.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Constitution Is NOT "Just a Piece Of Paper"

President George W. Bush once commented that the Constitution was "Just a piece of paper." NO! G.W. Moron it isn't! The Constitution may have been written on a piece of paper, but it is the law of the land. There are many millions of Americans who swore an oath to defend that Constitution, and they really meant it.
The Bill of Rights to that Constitution are a testament to the genius of our Founding Fathers, and the lighthouse showing the way of freedom to the entire world. Every one of those freedoms were carefully chosen to protect the rights of INDIVIDUALS against oppression. Our Founding Fathers through past experience, knew that most oppression of the people came from their own corrupt government; thus the Constitution is in place to protect the people from their own government if it went bad.
Once again the Second Amendment is under attack because of a mass shooting. I am not a advocate for guns, but I am a HUGE advocate of the Second Amendment. As long as EVERY Federal agency, military, swat team, police force is armed; the American people need to be armed in case the above forces are ever corrupted, or taken over.
That is my take, as you were.

Americans First

Did you read that Congress recently passed 700 Billion dollars for defense? I say let’s give the military industrial complex a haircut of let’s say 10%. I know they will wail that we are weakening America’s defenses. I say BULL SHIT! If we put 10% of the budget slated for the military industrial complex (70 Billion dollars) towards the AMERICAN PEOPLE we could give everyone FREE HEALTH CARE, eradicate poverty and the homeless, and make sure no one goes unfed.
Politicians, you have been warned. I agree with America First, but I agree more with Americans First. Do your jobs, represent your constituents; or else.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Devils and Lightgivers

There are two major factions that are always doing battle with each other; one side is the devils, and the other is the Light givers. Their battle ground is the human consciousness.
Devils are typified by darkness, and a lust for power; their weapons are deception and lies. Light givers are typified by light, and love; their weapons are truth, and knowledge. Devils hate the light, and truth, and anyone who gives this out to the masses. The reason for this is the devils cannot conduct their nefarious schemes if people are aware of what they are doing. Because of this, devils hate Light givers, and if they cannot pervert them into their way of thinking they will try to destroy them.
On the other hand, Light givers love everyone, including the devils, and will try to uplift everyone into the love, and light of God. If the devils refuse this, the Light givers will oppose them by shedding light on their schemes, and working to teach others.
Why the disparity here? Why aren't the Light givers trying to destroy the devils? Why did Jesus, and other saviors teach "Love thy enemy"? There is a spiritual reason for this.
There is one God, out of this originating source springs the Holy Spirit; which is also known as the Bani, the Word, the Eck, etc. This force manifests ALL life, on all the various planes of existence. As this force descends into the lower planes of the spiritual-materialistic worlds, (the mental, astral, and physical), it splits into Positive, and Negative streams. The Positive is known as God, and It's Light givers, the Negative is known as Satan, and the devils.
Each soul has been sent into these lower worlds, unaware of It's divine origin, to gain spiritual knowledge, and to earn It's spiritual mantle. This happens through karma, and countless reincarnations, as each soul learns to follow the path of love, and reject the accumulation of power. The spiritual purpose of the Light givers is to teach us the way; the spiritual purpose of the devils is to test us to prove we have truly learned the lesson. Both forces are needed for our spiritual growth. Each and every Light giver was at one time a devil, and every devil will be a Light giver in the future.
Mankind is always growing, and evolving spiritually. The Positive, and Negative forces are always in balance. This may not always seem to be the case, but never the less it is true.
Today it seems like the devils are in control. Many of these devils are working for the total enslavement of man. The devils have been weaving this web of enslavement for many years. However, over the last fifty, or sixty years many Light givers have reincarnated here to do battle with these devils. As this battle of enslavement versus freedom grows we have seen a quickening of events unfolding.
The devils know if they can keep mankind living in fear, and ignorance they can achieve their ends. The Light givers know if they can educate, and wake people up to the devil's lies, deceptions, organized terror, and money control, they can use the devils to springboard mankind into a new higher state of consciousness on a world wide scale.
As the devils work to destroy the Light givers, and enslave all men; the Light givers are selflessly working to teach, and enlighten everyone...including the devils.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

There is an old saying, "There's a thin line between love, and hate". The more I ponder this, the more I believe it to be true. Hate is a strong word, and I can say that there is no one that I truly hate, but there are a few that I dislike a lot. Of this list of people, most, if not all of them, are people that I was enamored with, infatuated with, or in love with.
Why is this? When we have a falling out with someone we care about, why do the scales in our minds make such a drastic swing, from love, all the way to hate? Why don't they swing from love to ambivalence? Is the ego so vindictive, that when it is hurt, or senses an injustice caused by someone who supposedly cares about it, that it must seek revenge in the form of hate?
Apparently so.
When someone we like, or are indifferent to, wrongs us, we merely slot them into the asshole file and forget about them. It is hardly a blip on our radar of life. When someone we love, whether or not that person loves us in return, wrongs us, we immediately take all the emotion sitting on the "love" side of the scale, and dump it on the "hate" side. We do a 180 degree, about face on them. This causes a 8.0 on the Richter scale change in our lives.
Why don't we just slot them into the asshole file, and forget them?
Eventually, we do; time does heal all wounds. I believe it is the shock, surprise, and the ensuing hurt, that brings about such a drastic change in our feelings. I don't believe it is in the human makeup to be able to go from love to ambivalence, or from hate to ambivalence. Once we reach one extreme emotionally, such as love, the only change that can be made is to the other extreme...hate.
That is why, even though they are worlds apart, there is a thin line between love and hate.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

I Can't Abide 55!

Today is my 62nd birthday. I wrote this rather humorous piece for my 55th, and republish it every year because it's still true.

I came into this world at exactly 4:00 am on the eighth of September, 1955. Some quick math tells me that I am going to be double nickles this year. Noooooo. I am very happy to be alive, but I can't find one good thing about turning 55. Where has all the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that I shed a tear at turning 20. I still feel the same as I did back then, but one quick look in the full length mirror (a quick look is all I can handle), tells me all I need to know.

Here is my Top Ten List of why it sucks to be 55.

10) I'm too young to retire, but too old to pick up hotties.

9) My physique used to resemble a "V". It still does, but now it is inverted.

8) I am starting to get ads in the mail for burial plots.

7) Cougars are not interested in me.

6) Social Security will be gone by the time I reach 62.

5) I am paying attention to Viagra ads.

4) Even my wife needs to be bribed to go to bed with me.

3) I see people my age and think "he's an old fuck".

2) I'm thinking of dumping my Ford Escape for a Ferrari.

And the number one reason it sucks to be 55, the only time I make women wet, is when I make them laugh, or sneeze.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hooray For Me (And F#&k You)

Today's topic is corporate greed, and Wall Street greed. There has always been a war of sorts going on between the "have" and the "have not" factions of the human race. Here in the USA, the gap between the two is wider than it has been since the great depression. The reason for this, is the climate brought about by the front men for the "haves", William J. Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barrack Obama.
In the past twenty-four years, Clinton, Bush, and Obama have championed the elitists, while totally ignoring the working men and women of America. Under Clinton / Bush's / Obama's watch, millions of decent paying jobs have been exported overseas, health benefits have been eroded, and workers pay slashed. All the while, prices for consumer goods, gasoline, and food, have risen steadily.
The "haves", in their smugness, are delirious with their gains, while the "have nots" are struggling everyday just to keep a roof over their heads, and food on their table.
Reagan, was an elitist, but with his trickle down economy, he saw to it that at least something got to the American workers. Not so under Presidents Bush and Obama. No profit is too great for corporate America and Wall Street as far as they are concerned. The fact that this profit is coming at the expense of the American people, is of no concern to them or their cronies.
They of course feel that they are entitled to these huge profits. In their short sightedness, they do not realize that they are sewing the seeds for their own destruction. Since so many manufacturing jobs are now done overseas, the cost to make something is much less than it used to be. But the lower manufacturing costs have never been reflected in the cost to the consumer. The prices have never come down, thereby increasing profit margins of management. However, since there are so many unemployed people, and the ones who do have a job are making substantially less than they used to, no one can afford to buy anything unless they put themselves in huge debt; then they end up defaulting on these loans, and everybody loses. Companies are going bankrupt at an alarming rate!
These assholes have out smarted themselves! They have killed the goose that laid the golden eggs....the American Middle Class!
When will they learn that a well paid work force is their best customer? We really need someone running this country that understands that there has to be a balance between profit margins, and worker pay. Otherwise we are in for one long hard depression (Believe me, its coming).

Saturday, August 19, 2017

You Have the Right To Be a Dumb Ass

All of this hoopla this past week in Charlottesville, VA has got me thinking.
Basically it all started with this favorite radio/podcast host I have. This gentleman and his wife were driving up in Maine when a pickup truck drove past them with Confederate flags flying from the rear of their truck. This host, and his wife were offended by the flying of the Confederate flags, and pulled into a store parking lot to confront the folks in the truck. The radio/podcast host and his wife told the couple in the truck that they were offended by their flying of the Confederate flag which they saw as being racist in nature. They were summarily flipped off by the couple in the truck, and a short verbal confrontation occurred.
As I listened to this tale, I was thinking to myself "Well the Confederate flag is a symbol, and symbols mean different things to different people. Their anger may be justified, but maybe my radio host and his wife were a little out of line."
But then I thought some more, "What if they were flying a Nazi flag instead of a Confederate flag from the back of their pickup truck?" This flag has definite racial meanings to it. Should I, or anyone else confront them to say that they are offended? Should there be a LAW that states that the Nazi flag not be flown by anyone in public?
This censorship of offensive material is a very slippery slope. The First Amendment to the Constitution states that no laws shall be passed to restrict the right of free speech of American citizens. Citizens also have a right to disagree with what others say. There is a right to express yourself, whether it be a Nazi Flag, Confederate Flag, or whether you have a Christmas tree. The Constitution does not give you the right to bash, pummel, or kill anyone who you disagree with, or who you feel offended by.
If you give the government, or anyone the power to censor Nazi Flags, Confederate Flags, statues of Robert E. Lee, etc. you are opening a Pandora's box. This is opening a door to anything, and everything being censored that someone, (or the government, who the Constitution is really protecting us from) finds offensive.
We all need to grow a thicker skin. Dumb asses fly Confederate flags in Maine, or wear Nazi gear for one reason; to piss people off. These dumb asses get off on doing that. Don't play into their game and add more anger which they feed off of. The best way to handle dumb asses is simply to ignore them
Allow dumb asses to be dumb asses as long as they are not violent dumb asses. The Constitution allows everyone who wants to be a dumb ass to be one.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Magic 8 Ball

I have a special post for you today. Thanks to my pig Rosebud having a temper tantrum today, knocking over a small bureau on my patio, I have been reconnected with my magic 8 ball. You know what I mean don’t you? Yeah, the 8 ball we all played with when we were kids. I love the magic 8 ball; it always has an answer for any question you might ask it.

Knowing that many of you have some burning questions for the magic 8 ball, I thought I would use my superior interrogating skills to get some answers for these popular questions from my magic 8 ball.

1) Oh, magic 8 ball, was ex President Bush a moron, or just a very bad President? “Most Certainly”
2) Magic 8 ball, Are the Atlanta Falcons the biggest choke artists in the world, or just classic under achievers? “All signs point to yes”
3) Magic 8 ball, is Kim Jong Il of North Korea a mad man, or a puppet of China? “The way I see it yes”
4) Please tell me magic 8 ball, now that G.M. has received billions of dollars of bail out money, will they pick up shop and take it all to China, and take all of our money with them? “ Very likely”
5) Magic 8 ball, speaking of the people’s bail out of the lending institutions; did the people get a raw deal at the hands of their elected officials? “Bend over” (I didn’t even know that response was in there!)
6) Magic 8 ball, is President Trump a free thinker, or just a shill for big money, big business? “You don't want to know”
7) Magic 8 ball, judging from the most popular TV shows, are most Americans really stupid, or is the government putting too much fluoride into the drinking water? "It is certain"”
8) Oh, magic 8 ball, will the large oil companies ever allow the car manufacturers, to make and sell a gasoline-free car? “Out look not good”
9) Magic 8 ball, will South Florida be hit by a hurricane that will make Andrew look like a summer breeze? “Better not tell you”
10)Magic 8 ball, how did you feel after my pig Wilbur knocked you and your bureau over today? “ Answer hazy”

There you go folks, all of your important questions answered, by my impeccable interview with my magic 8 ball.

By the way, my 8 ball and I are available for private sessions, at a reasonable price.

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