Saturday, July 22, 2017

Gambling Women

Sorry, but I just have to rant...

Can anyone tell me, what is with women and gambling?
I am not talking about just any gambling either, I am talking about slot machines. Women are drawn to slot machines like moths to a flame. Just like those proverbial moths, almost all of the women get burned by these things. It doesn't matter. No many how many times they have lost their asses playing these stupid games, they still salivate like one of Pavlov's dogs whenever they hear the bells, and see the lights of slot machines.
Here in Miami and most of the US, gambling has run rampant. There are several large casinos in our area, and most of the bars have slot machines also. You can walk into any of these places and see women lined up like lemmings waiting to dive off the cliff of their financial solvency. They will sit there for hours, (or until their money runs out) staring into the screens of these money robbing machines. These slot machines must be using some kind of subliminal programming to suck these women in because they all sit staring straight ahead as if they were in a trance.
My wife is one of these people. I keep hearing her say "I'm going to save money for a vacation, or new furniture etc." then the next thing I know she has run off to the casino and donated all of her money to those nice Indians. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
To my wife, and all of the other dumb women out there hooked on these machines, I have one thing I want to say. Since you like to pull on the handle so much, I have a handle you can pull on!
Pull on this!
If you pull it enough there is a 100% chance of a pay out.
Hell, you don't even have to give me your money.  lol

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Thank God For Teenagers

Up in the sky, its a bird, it's a plane...No! It's your friendly neighborhood teenager!
Modern day superheroes don't wear tights and a cape, and they don't have a mask. They can't fly, and they don't have super strength. They just show up in tee shirts, and oversized baggy jeans, to save the day.
I am a middle aged guy, and at this point in my life you would think that I would be self sufficient; but nothing could be further from the truth. When the TV is stuck on Video2, and it appears that I will be watching a plain blue screen forever, I call my stepson to figure out the remote. When I install a disc not compatible with my Windows 10, and totally mess up my computer, I send up the bat signal for my step son's friend to bail my ass out.
The more and more life changes, the more I realize that teenagers are indispensable.
I am not a moron, (I don't think so anyway), but the modern world left me behind not long after the invention of "Pong" in the early 80's. Back in 1990 I needed my five year old son to teach me how to play "Mario Brothers"! I am not what you would call technologically inclined.
Now, the only kid I have left is my step son, if he gets married and moves away, what will I do?
I don't believe I can buy a teenager over the internet, and if I lure them over with candy, people will think that I am a pedophile. I think I'm going to have to connive a way to keep my step son from moving least until I get some grand kids.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Janis Has Returned (And She Brought a Guitar With Her)

Well, I just got home from my vacation. I spent much of the week checking out new acts at The Rochester Jazz Fest. I had a real good time, and it was very enlightening. I saw a lot of great acts, and learned about some new rising stars. This post is to tell you about one of them.
When I was a young teen, there’re was a young lady that set the Rock-N-Roll world on fire; her name was Janis Joplin. She came from a small Texas town near Austin. This has been the breeding ground for many memorable rockers, most notably besides Janis, was Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Well I believe that Janis has come back to us, and she has brought a guitar with her this time. Janis has reincarnated as a young woman named Carolyn Wunderlund. Carolyn also hails from a small town near Austin Texas, and it is not hard to see the similarities to Janis, and Stevie.
I had never heard of Carolyn Wunderlund before my friend Mickey and I went to see her last Tuesday, but she made quite an impression on me.
Carolyn walked out on stage in a dress you would see Mennonite women wearing, with brightly colored red, and yellow hair, and a guitar. She looks a lot like Janis Joplin did, but the similarities don’t end there. The first time she opened her mouth to sing I was taken aback. This woman has a voice at least as good as Janis’ was. I was amazed! My amazement was just starting though, as she started playing her guitar. This woman can flat out play the guitar! My comment to Mickey was, “She’s not Stevie Ray Vaughn, but she’s not far away.” She rocked, and sang for almost two hours, and I am not lying when I say she blew everyone away.
After the concert everyone in attendance agreed that she put on one of the finest shows ever seen by my friends and I. I just couldn't get over the fact that she is still a virtual unknown to most people. This will not be the case for much longer as the word is getting out on Miss Wunderlund. She is such a polished and powerful singer, that if she had never touched a guitar that night, I would have still walked away from that concert in awe.
I highly recommend to all of my friends out there to find Carolyn Wunderlund on YouTube and check her out. Then you can tell your friends about her.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Crack Pot Mike

Many of my readers have been listening to me talk about many vile subjects such as child trafficking, pedophilia, by not just Catholic Priests, but almost all of the elite in this world. You have been hearing me tell you that our American Government has been run by a deep state ruling class since J.F.K.'s murder. You have been listening to me tell you that the Federal Reserve Bank is run by foreign powers that are getting VERY rich because they control the fiat (money based on nothing) money supply. You have heard me harp that we are under going countless, and endless wars, because that is how we keep our fake economic society going (war makes money, peace does not), thus our men have been sacrificed for over 100 years to keep the elite rich's status quo.

I hope I have made some of you think, and maybe look into these things.

Most folks however get their "news" from their main stream media (MSM) TV, not realizing it is all FAKE, and controlled by the CIA. These folks think that I am a crack pot spewing conspiracy theories. 

The folks who are open minded are in for a much less of a shock than those hopelessly entrenched in the MSM shite.

The truth is coming out no matter what the MSM wails about. There will be mass arrests coming soon. 85-90% of Congress is guilty of Treason, done through bribery, or black mail. Most of your more popular MSM hosts are in fact CIA agents (ie Anderson Cooper who admittedly was a CIA intern in college).

I recommend you prepare yourself for what is coming up as the American Republic is about to be restored, and taken back from The Vatican, and the banks of London. 

Millions of people are turning their backs on the MSM because they want to know what is really going on. If you are one of these people, let me give you some sites you should check out for real truth, and knowledge you can use.,, the goldfish report,,

Waking up is a matter of choice. If you wake up now, the blow of reality when the shite hits the fan, will not be as shocking. Happy Independence Day. Our Republic is about to be restored.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Loaded Hotdogs

This year like many people I went back to my hometown on vacation to visit relatives and old friends. Upon my return I opened my bag to begin unpacking and found a note left by the T.S.A. saying they opened my suitcase and went through my things because their x-ray scanner showed that I had some suspicious items in there. The only thing I had in my bag coming home that I didn't have going there was fifteen pounds of hot dogs.
There are probably many readers that are asking two questions: 1) What could the T.S.A. possibly find suspicious about hot dogs? And 2) Why would this dummy have fifteen pounds of hot dogs in his suitcase? These are both very good questions, and I will try to answer them for you.
First of all as someone who works for a major airline and has been putting up with the T.S.A. since 9/11, I am not surprised by anything that they do. I can only speculate that when the hot dogs showed up on their scanner they must have thought that I was attempting to transport several cases of large caliber ammunition in my bag. I am not very knowledgeable about guns, so I am not aware of many guns that would fire a six inch long by one inch wide round; perhaps a fifty caliber machine gun, but neither I, or anyone I know owns one of them. Maybe they thought they were loaded small sticks of dynamite. Like I said, I can only speculate on that one.
As to the question of why I would carry fifteen pounds of frozen hot dogs home in my bag; let me start by saying my hometown is Rochester, NY. Most people are not aware of this but Rochester is the only place in the world where you can buy white hot dogs. My family is partial to the Zweigles’ brand in the natural casing called “pop open” because the skin pops open when you grill them.
Most folks who have never heard of, or eaten white hot dogs are repulsed by the thought. Trying to explain a white hot dog to someone not familiar with them (which is anyone not from Rochester) is difficult to do. They are not a sausage, or a bratwurst, but a hot dog that is spiced differently than your normal red hot dog, and put in a white casing so you can tell the difference. When I was a kid I did not care for them, but as I got older and my tastes changed, I grew to love them.
My family and I are not the only ones who love them, but so does anyone here in Miami that has been daring enough to try one. Whenever I go home to Rochester I am besieged with requests to bring a pound of hot dogs back for them.
I have become a hot dog smuggler.
I love to have my hot dogs loaded with mustard, onions, and Rochester style hamburger based hot sauce.I would love to have you try one, but I simply don't have enough room in my bag.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just a Song Before I Go

When I was a kid, I really got into MAD Magazine. Never got into Cracked or the others of that genre, but I really got into MAD. One of my favorite parts of that mag was when they wrote parody songs to popular songs of that time. You would sing their funny lyrics to the tune of that well known song.
Early in my blogging career, I got into a phase where I wrote some songs (that I thought were funny) but hardly got read.
Well I am going on vacation, and I thought I would use this space to shamelessly, plug some of these songs. I figured that some of you might actually go into withdrawal if you had to go through a whole week without something new.
There is an old saying (I just made it up) “If you haven’t read it yet, it is new to you.
So, for you “mike-aholics” out there, (all two or three of you) here is your ration for the week. Read “Home Owner’s Plight (I’m Not Handy)” today; read “Big Daddy’s Blues” on Tuesday, read “A Day in the Life (Of Me At 73)” on Friday, and read "I Sing Like a Toad" on Sunday.
I will be home next Monday and the transition will be seamless.
Love you all, thanks for reading me, see you next week. Mike

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The "Dumbing Down" Of America

Ed. Note: Over one half of Americans don't know where chocolate milk comes from.

One thing I have noticed in my life is that most people really can’t be bothered to think for themselves. In fact I find that most people don’t want to be bothered to think at all.
Perhaps I am being too hard on the majority of Americans; maybe they have been conditioned by the government and the major religions not to think for themselves. Perhaps they have not been taught how to think for themselves.
Why is it that so many people are not only willing to let others think for them, but want someone else to think for them? The herd mentality has always been very popular among the masses, whether it manifests as fads, religious dogma, popular TV shows, or blind acceptance of the words of people in a position of authority, but never as much as it is today. “The Bible tells me so”, “He’s my President, right or wrong”, are the mantra of today’s sheep.
Television and radio are filled with folks who are more than happy to tell the masses what, and how they should think. This does not bother me as much as the fact that there are way too many people out there who eat up this “knowledge” as if it were a box of chocolates, without consideration that they are getting fat…in the head.
The “dumbing down” of America has been going on for some time now. America’s schools were once the finest in the world, but are now nothing more than rote memorization factories, that teach nothing about logic, and reasoning. Most television today is entertainment, or contrived reality shows that encourage the viewer to turn his brain off. Even the commercials are geared for people with an I.Q. of 90.
I believe this “dumbing down” is an action of the global power elite who are out for world domination. They have been intentionally creating a generation of sheep craving for leadership, leadership that they will provide. The only problem is… we all know what happens to a herd of sheep in the end.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Aspiring To Be More Than Human

    This world, is nothing more than a large High School, for the maturation of soul. It literally takes thousands of lifetimes to graduate from this school, and to move on as teachers, guardian angels, spiritual guides, or any host of "jobs" which will be of your choosing, after graduation.
    Many of my past posts, have pertained to lessons we all must master before graduating. My post on "Real Love", is one such example.
    To many in the human state of consciousness, giving love through demonstration, with no thought of reward, or gratitude, seems to be beyond our scope. To be honest, to anyone IN the human state of consciousness, it IS beyond their scope. To be able to give love of this magnitude, one must live in their true state, that of spirit. To do this, one must stop identifying with their human side, and start identifying him(or, her)self as spirit. This is nothing more than a change of attitude. It usually does not happen over night, but if one starts thinking of himself as spirit, a change will come about. This does NOT mean we have to practice austerities of the body, or mind. Remember, as spiritual animals, both sides need attention in order to remain balanced.
    We also must remember that there are two different types of love; the human, and the spiritual. Human love, is best demonstrated by the love between two people. It is a love of give, and take; and it is emotional in nature. Because it is emotional, it is subject to change, as anyone who has ever gone through a break up knows. Spiritual love, is the love we all receive from God. This love is eternal, and unchanging. This is the love talked about by Jesus, St. Paul, and every Saint, and Savior, that has ever come to teach mankind. This is the love we aspire to be able to give.
    Before any of us graduate from here, we will.

    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    Real Love

    You have heard the old saying that oil, and water, don't mix; and its true. But here is a new one for you; love, and words don't mix. Anyone can say "I love you"; but, does that make it so? Not necessarily. We all probably have had past lovers, that spoke these words, but didn't really mean them. If love can't reliably be shown by words, how can you tell if someone loves you? Simple, by their actions. Love can only truly be shown through demonstration.

    What ever the relationship, love is always shown by one's actions. What good would it do for an infant to have it's mother, tell it how much she loves it, without the mother feeding, cuddling, nurturing, and paying attention to it? This is true with any relationship, parent-child, husband-wife, siblings, and our relationship with God.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, a sincere gesture, or sacrifice, is worth a thousand love poems.

    Love, is always a giver, never a taker. Love, does not take offense, and love is patient. Love does not change, even if people do. To love is to care, and to not care if it is reciprocated. True love, is not decided on the whims and desires, for it is eternal.

    Everybody wants real love, but how many are ready to give it?

    Saturday, June 3, 2017

    Loving For the Sake Of Love

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we loved everyone the way we love our children? We all give our children unconditional love; it is natural to do so. Why can’t we give our mates, our siblings, our parents the same unconditional love? Why can’t we love everyone this way? Unconditional love means that you may not like what someone does, and you may not like them personally, but you love them anyway. If you don’t know what love truly is read what St. Paul has to say about love in 1 Corinthians 13. If everyone loved their spouse in this manner divorce would be rare because forgiveness would be natural. If everyone loved their parents and siblings in this manner there would never be split families because there would never be hurt feelings. If we loved everyone like this there would be no fighting or wars.
    This is what I call loving for the sake of love. You love because that is all you can do because you are filled with love.
    We all make mistakes, we all sin. We all do hurtful things, and we all say things we don’t really mean. We all do these things, but God still loves us.
    We need to strive to be more like God and love everyone regardless of their short comings. The only way we can accomplish this is by shrinking our egos, and our feelings of self importance.
    The best way to shrink the ego is to fill yourself with love. The best way to fill yourself with love is to learn how to love and accept yourself and your short comings.
    Jesus said “Love God, love yourself, and love your neighbor.” This is very important, not only what he said, but the order in which he said it. To fill yourself with love you must first learn to love God, then you must learn how to love yourself. Only after you have accomplished the first two, will you be able to love others.
    Try to find a few minutes each day to connect with God and to send Him your love. Sit quietly and fill yourself with love; you can do this by thinking about someone you truly love. This person can be Jesus, your spouse, your child, your pet, anyone that inspires love for you. Gently sing HU as your song of love to God. This highly charged spiritual word will help open your heart to receive God’s love. Over time you will fill your heart and yourself with love. You will love everyone simply for the sake of love. You will become a shining beacon of love showing others the way of love.

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