Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Spiritual Truth

What is the truth? What is life all about, and why are we here? Who or what is God, and what is my true relationship with It? These are the questions that everyone has, and everyone is searching for these answers.

The answers to these questions have been hinted at in every holy book ever written. The religions of the world have done their utmost to conceal these answers through dogma, ritual, and centrifuge. The reason that religions have purposely tried to hide these answers is because religions are here not to be way showers, but populace controllers. If you look through out history you will see how religion and rulers have always acted hand in hand to keep people under their control. They know that if the people learn, and can GRASP the real truth, they will have no power over them.

Most of us have been taught about the Trinity, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit; but we have never been taught the truth about the Trinity. We have been taught that The Father is God the creator that The Holy Spirit emanates from The Father and that The Son is Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, or who ever your religion worships. These three separate entities are actually one and encompass the totality of GOD. This teaching places mankind as subservient to the Trinity, and in need of priests, rabbis, lamas, imams, etc. to link mankind up with God. Therefore mankind needs religion and its henchmen in order to be saved from damnation in the afterlife.

The truth is there is a Trinity. There is God the Father; out of The Father emanates The Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit manifests each and every one of us. We are the Son! Does that mean that each of us is God? I believe it is more correct to say that God is each of us! This is the secret to the “One in the many” mentioned in the holy books.

God is One, but through love chose to be many. However there is a stipulation, The Son has to go through trials and tribulations ignorant of Its divine roots. The Son must learn and master through Its own free will the lessons needed in order to earn knowledge of Its divinity. These lessons are learned through karma, and countless reincarnations. These lessons are all love based; that is why love has been emphasized in every holy book ever written, and by every Savior that has ever come to teach The Prodigal Son.

How can each of us be manifestations of The Holy Spirit when there are literally billions if not trillions of us? Each and every one of us occupies a different state of consciousness. Your state of consciousness is the real you, and is eternal. You will always be you because God wills it. Inside your state of consciousness you are the ultimate ruler of that domain. Inside your domain YOU are lawgiver, and the final word. What ever you decide is truth, is what will manifest into your life.

Therefore it is imperative that each of us strive to hold the highest truth that we are spiritually capable of handling, what ever that truth may be; because that is what you will manifest into your life. You should try to be as positive, and as love filled as possible. You need to know that you will never be closer to God than you are right NOW.

If you are capable of doing this you will notice a change happening in your life, as your love and attitude seems to be spreading to others. This is because you are manifesting God’s love in your life and to other souls.

If enough of us can grasp the truth, and live it, we can change the world.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Over Coming Cause and Effect

We are spiritual beings living in physical bodies trying to navigate our way through the worlds of duality to reach our true home; the world of true spirit the soul plane. One of the most difficult challenges we face on our journey is known as cause and effect. In the worlds of duality there is always an action, followed by an equal and opposite reaction. Cause is the action, and effect is the reaction. As spiritual beings we need to strive to always be cause, and to never let ourselves become victims of being the effect of anything occurring outside of ourselves.

Life is full of challenges; things happen all of the time. It is very easy to believe that we are but leaves being blown about in the autumn wind with no real control over what happens in our lives. This is not true, and it is a negative way to think. Yes, things happen; and we often face a new and different challenge every day. These challenges are simply that, tests to find out how far we have progressed. These tests are determined by our karmic debt that we have accumulated over our many lifetimes. Every time we work through a challenge, we burn off accumulated karma.

We have several tools at our disposal to ensure that we are always acting as cause, and not as effect. A very important tool is a positive attitude; know that you are being tested and do your very best to over come your problem.

Another important tool is perseverance. Very few things in life that are important come easily. Thomas Edison once said that inventing something was ten percent inspiration, and ninety percent perspiration. This means that you should never give up on a problem; keep plugging away and do the best that you can. There is an old saying “God helps those who help themselves”. Truer words were never spoken. If you sit back and think that God will take care of your problems while you do nothing, you will often be sadly mistaken. However, if you do the best you can, and refuse to quit, you will find that God will be there to help when you really need it.

Another important tool is the HU. Whenever you feel weak, or that you can’t go on, sing HU. Singing HU whether silently to yourself, or aloud, will raise your vibrations, and fill you with love; these positive vibes will give you the strength you need to carry on.

Always remember, everything is as it should be. Don’t judge, don’t fret, and don’t worry, just do your best. God never presents any of us with a problem that we are not capable of handling.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Loud Mouths

Teddy Roosevelt had a famous saying: "Talk softly, and carry a big stick". These were wise words because, if you truly know what you are talking about, you don't need to say it loudly.

Nowadays, we have a proliferation of people who go by a different creed: "Talk loudly, and carry a big chip on your shoulder". Bill O'Reilly is the poster boy for these people. Be as loud and obnoxious as possible, that's their mantra. Bill is certainly not alone; CNN, FOX News, and even blogger feature a host of these know-it-alls.

I have always been of the opinion that the louder and more obnoxious a person is, the less that person knows what he is talking about. These people use name-calling, their brusque, mean demeanor, and "you wanna fight?" attitude, to cover the fact that they are not very intelligent. It is a smokescreen that anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see through.

Being the gregarious sort of guy that I am, I have some words of wisdom for these people:
  1. If you have nothing worthwhile to say...shut up!
  2. If you don't know what you are talking about...shut up!
  3. If you can't state your views without name calling, bullying, and swearing...shut up!
As my father used to say, "It is better to be quiet and have people think you are stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gambling Women

Can anyone tell me, what is with women and gambling?

I am not talking about just any gambling either, I am talking about slot machines. Women are drawn to slot machines like moths to a flame. Just like those proverbial moths, almost all of the women get burned by these things. It doesn't matter. No many how many times they have lost their asses playing these stupid games, they still salivate like one of Pavlov's dogs whenever they hear the bells, and see the lights of slot machines.

Here in Miami and most of the US, gambling has run rampant. There are several large casinos in our area, and most of the bars have slot machines also. You can walk into any of these places and see women lined up like lemmings waiting to dive off the cliff of their financial solvency. They will sit there for hours, (or until their money runs out) staring into the screens of these money robbing machines. These slot machines must be using some kind of subliminal programming to suck these women in because they all sit staring straight ahead as if they were in a trance.

My wife is one of these people. I keep hearing her say "I'm going to save money for a vacation, or new furniture etc." then the next thing I know she has run off to the casino and donated all of her money to those nice Indians. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

To my wife, and all of the other dumb women out there hooked on these machines, I have one thing I want to say. Since you like to pull on the handle so much, I have a handle you can pull on!

Pull on this!

If you pull it enough there is a 100% chance of a pay out.

Hell, you don't even have to give me your money.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Living the life of a mature soul, is always a life of being in balance. One of the major crossroads of soul is the choice to walk the path of power, or to walk one of love.

All Saviors, and saints, that have come here to uplift Mankind, have taught to walk the path of love. This path must be followed carefully, balancing pride, and humility. Each person must have an inner pride, knowing that he/she is soul, and one day to inherit the throne of God. Each person must have humility, knowing that everyone else, is also soul, and will also one day inherit that throne. This throne is called God consciousness.

Spiritually speaking, no one is better than anyone else, and no one is worse than anyone else. Everyone is divine, and living in the state of consciousness they have chosen, and earned at this point. God realization is not a race. God loves all souls the same, whether it takes forty lifetimes, or forty thousand lifetimes to earn God consciousness.

Those souls that have chosen the path of love are in a bit of a predicament here on earth, because the vast majority of souls are still infatuated with power. These power infatuated souls, have no problem trying to take advantage of, or stepping on the love saturated souls, or anyone else they perceive as being weak. The love souls must learn to defend themselves, through being assertive. This is basically, standing up for yourself, and not allowing yourself to be walked on.

Assertiveness, when used in defensive situations, is necessary for souls on the path of love. Assertiveness, when used in an offensive manner, to gain something, is aggression, and power based.

As mentioned before, the life of the mature soul, is a life of balance. Sometimes it is like waking on the edge of a razor blade. It is not whether or not you fall off that is important, but rather, that you walk it as best you can.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Art Of Listening

Last post I talked about a different way to verbalize one's opinions, and needs, in a more effective manner to enhance communication; this post is about completing the communication process, listening.

Communication, is by definition, a give, and TAKE of ideas, and needs.

Too often, when we discuss something, we state our views, then mark time thinking of what we will say next, instead of truly listening to what the other person has to say.

How many times have you been in a group conversation, when everyone is so avid about what they want to say, that the whole conversation turns into a shouting match? We all have something to say, but without the patience to listen, communication breaks down into your average day on "The View".

Between everyone thinking they are right, and the mental clutter going on when you are not talking, it is a wonder anyone can learn anything.

Nobody learns anything by talking, only by listening. All wise people have one thing in common, they are good listeners. Perhaps that is why they are wise, they have mastered the art of listening.

I have another great book for you to check out (I feel like Oprah), its called "The Zen of Listening" by Rebecca Z. Shafir, M.A.CCC. Ms. Shafir goes into detail how one can become a good listener. By mastering the art of listening, you open the door to learning, and you open the door to better relationships. This is true for any relationship, your spouse, your child, your boss, your employee, etc.

As important as it is to express yourself, it is more important to receive what the other person has to say, only then, can you work things out; only then, can you learn and grow together.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mr. Nice Guy

I have one motto, “Nice guys finish first (except in football)”. It is not much of a motto, but I do try to live it.

I have taught my son, “It doesn’t cost you anything to be nice to someone”, and it is true. How can it be, that something so easy to do, and so cheap to execute, be so positive?

That is easy to answer if you happen to be the recipient of someone being nice to you. Having someone do you a good deed or a kind gesture can make your whole day if you are on the receiving end. If a total stranger can make your day by being nice, think how many people’s lives you could positively affect just by being nice to them. The thought literally boggles the mind.

If each and every one of us performed just one good deed per day, like the Boy Scouts try to do, it would change the world. Tensions between people would be slashed, blood pressures would drop. People would relax and enjoy life for the blessing it truly is.

Is it really all that easy? Well, yes, and no. The concept of it is easy to grasp, but the practice is not so easy. In order to be nice to someone, you actually have to be able to think outside your personal bubble. You have to come out of your shell, and be aware of the other people around you.

Lately this is getting harder and harder to do. Everyone has a cell phone, i-pod, or P.D.A., etc. occupying their attention. It is very easy to get wrapped up in yourself, and not notice other people.
It really is easy to be a nice guy. In the course of a normal day there are many times when you can be nice to someone if you are on the look out. Just try not to get too wrapped up in yourself, your worries, and problems.

All it takes to make some one’s day is to hold a door, smile and say good morning when you pass someone, offer the use of your cell phone for someone stranded on the side of the road; the possibilities are endless. All it takes is for you to be aware of other people, and to do something nice when the situation allows it.

There is something strange about being nice to people, it spreads

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Communication Breakdown

I am troubled by the hostility I encounter every day. It does not bother me that people are vehement about their beliefs, but rather the way they communicate them to others. The politicians, the editorials, the news channels, the evangelists, even bloggers, don't know how to get their point across without insulting their opposition.

The point of communication is to convey your thoughts, your beliefs, your needs to someone else -- not to convert them or coerce them into your way of reasoning. To berate or threaten those who feel differently will not work in trying to get them to understand your views.

Now, we can talk about tolerance, but the truth is most of us are not tolerant. However, that does not mean we cannot communicate in a nonviolent fashion. After all, it goes to reason that if you can communicate your needs and thoughts without insulting or threatening the listener, you will have a better chance of getting that person to listen, understand, and perhaps agree to your views.

One of the best books I have read in the last ten years is "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Compassion" by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD. This book should be required reading for all people, like "Johnny Tremain" was back when I was a kid. OK, little joke there, but every parent, teacher, politician, manager -- anyone who has to interface with other people -- should read this book. It is well written and shows how easy and effective it is to communicate in a nonviolent way.

When communication is nonviolent, it not only conveys to the listener your needs, but also tacitly lets them know that you care about theirs. This is when real communication can take place because it is an exchange of ideas and needs.

Isn't that what communication is all about?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Devils and Light Givers

There are two major factions that are always doing battle with each other; one side is the devils, and the other is the Light givers. Their battle ground is the human consciousness.

Devils are typified by darkness, and a lust for power; their weapons are deception and lies. Light givers are typified by light, and love; their weapons are truth, and knowledge. Devils hate the light, and truth, and anyone who gives this out to the masses. The reason for this is the devils cannot conduct their nefarious schemes if people are aware of what they are doing. Because of this, devils hate Light givers, and if they cannot pervert them into their way of thinking they will try to destroy them.

On the other hand, Light givers love everyone, including the devils, and will try to uplift everyone into the love, and light of God. If the devils refuse this, the Light givers will oppose them by shedding light on their schemes, and working to teach others.

Why the disparity here? Why aren't the Light givers trying to destroy the devils? Why did Jesus, and other saviors teach "Love thy enemy"? There is a spiritual reason for this.

There is one God, out of this originating source springs the Holy Spirit; which is also known as the Bani, the Word, the Eck, etc. This force manifests ALL life, on all the various planes of existence. As this force descends into the lower planes of the spiritual-materialistic worlds, (the mental, astral, and physical), it splits into Positive, and Negative streams. The Positive is known as God, and It's Light givers, the Negative is known as Satan, and the devils.

Each soul has been sent into these lower worlds, unaware of It's divine origin, to gain spiritual knowledge, and to earn It's spiritual mantle. This happens through karma, and countless reincarnations, as each soul learns to follow the path of love, and reject the accumulation of power.

The spiritual purpose of the Light givers is to teach us the way; the spiritual purpose of the devils is to test us to prove we have truly learned the lesson. Both forces are needed for our spiritual growth. Each and every Light giver was at one time a devil, and every devil will be a Light giver in the future.
Mankind is always growing, and evolving spiritually. The Positive, and Negative forces are always in balance. This may not always seem to be the case, but never the less it is true.

Today it seems like the devils are in control. Many of these devils are working for the total enslavement of man. The devils have been weaving this web of enslavement for many years.

However, over the last fifty, or sixty years many Light givers have reincarnated here to do battle with these devils. As this battle of enslavement versus freedom grows we have seen a quickening of events unfolding.

The devils know if they can keep mankind living in fear, and ignorance they can achieve their ends. The Light givers know if they can educate, and wake people up to the devil's lies, deceptions, organized terror, and money control, they can use the devils to springboard mankind into a new higher state of consciousness on a world wide scale.

As the devils work to destroy the Light givers, and enslave all men; the Light givers are selflessly working to teach, and enlighten everyone...including the devils.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Spark Of Consciousness

What is the essence of man? Is the ego the true essence of man? No. The ego is the essence of one’s personality; it is how each individual interfaces with other people and everything else in this world. However the ego is not the essence of an individual. The essence of an individual is that spark we call consciousness. It is the spark of consciousness that enlivens all animate beings, and is the reason for their existence.

What is this spark, where does it come from, and why do we all possess it? Consciousness cannot not be created or destroyed, because it has always existed. The spark that enlivens you, and every one you know comes from the one great consciousness that we call God. The reason we all possess a piece of this is because God wills it. The mystics have spoken of this as “the One in the many”.

To conceptualize this, try to imagine God as a mirror of infinite size that was broken into countless pieces. Each piece of that mirror is what we call a soul. Each soul is independent of, and has freedom of choice for its actions, but at the same time is still a part of God. Each soul has been sent into the physical worlds to gain experience, through living as an independent individual unaware of its divine connection.

There are a couple of reasons why God did this. First is that God wants each of Its creations to learn lessons and grow. The second reason is that God gets to share each experience that every soul has on its journey as it matures. Every experience you have ever had, whether it is happy or sad, good or evil, has been shared with God. God has shared countless experiences because of Its creation soul.
Physical bodies mean little to God, as they are but overcoats worn by soul as it learns and grows. God is only concerned with Its beloved creation soul, and its continued growth.

Each person should learn to identify them self as soul, a spark of consciousness, and not with their physical body, or their ego. Each person has been given that spark for all eternity, and it is the true essence of each person. The physical body is temporal, and will change from lifetime to lifetime, but your true self is eternal.

So is God.

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