Saturday, November 18, 2017

Pop! What a Happy Sound

Its Friday, TGIF and all. Throughout this great country of ours, one sound reverberates around it. POP! That's the sound of a beer bottle or can being opened.
Let's face it, we Americans like to drink. Come to think of it , so does everybody else! Let's see, I know the Irish do, the Germans, the Russians, The Brits, etc. Drinking is the one universal thing we can all agree about(unless you are a real devout person). We like to do it. I've already freely admitted to you that I do. Hell, I took up running 18 years ago(but, now I shuffle), just so I could drink the beer I wanted without weighing 300 lbs.
Why is alcohol so popular? well, for one thing it tastes great. Nothing like a good cold one after work, after mowing the lawn, after sex, after the last one. There's nothing like a good cold one after your last beer. That is the problem, beer liking is accumulative. After a while, any excuse is a good excuse to have a beer.
So God in his infinite wisdom, gave us a reason to not Let's face it, if we were all rich and affluent, and didn't have to work, we would all be drunk all the time! Since God invented work, most of us have to be semi moderate about our consumption during the work week. The people who haven't learned to be moderate, are the ones we walk around on the sidewalks on the way to work.
Liking something is one thing, being controlled by it is another. The problem with ALL drugs, is the temptation to do them exclusively, and to hell with everything else. Not real good if you have a wife, and kids counting on you.
When I was a teenager, my Dad told me (over a hang-over), If you can't handle your booze, don't drink it! Good words to live by. Yes, its Friday, you probably had a killer of a week; have fun, but know when to say when.
(wow, that was one difficult post, now where did I leave that bottle opener?)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Santa Redneck Is Coming To Town

Christmas comes early each year to our normally quiet community here in Homestead, Florida. Santas come by the droves, not in sleighs, but in RVs, and campers, and pick-up trucks. They come here each year to watch the last NASCAR race of the year; the one that decides the NASCAR champion, The Homestead-Miami Ford 400. These Santas, don't come with a bag of presents, but with pockets full of cash. It is a welcome influx of cash for the hotels, shops, trailer parks, and bars of Homestead, and Florida City.
My wife, who tends a bar in Florida City, looks forward to this big three day party every year. After bartending here the last five years, she knows that these folks love to drink, party, and lavish her with piles of dough; and there are few things she likes more than making lots of money.
The average NASCAR fan won't win many Nobel Prizes, or even spelling bees in their lifetime; but they remember her little bar, and they even remember her name, so it is like a big reunion for everyone. These folks may be a little grubby, and their smiles remind you of a gap toothed jack-o-lantern; but they are usually well behaved, and very generous. Just be sure that you have countless cases of ice cold Coors Light, Budweiser, and Jack Daniels, on hand.
With all the drinking going on, it is a wonder to me how they can even find the race track, let alone keep track of how many left turns their favorite driver Billy Bob Kyle has successfully negotiated but, they do. In fact, they really get into the race. Many of them rent out head sets so they can listen in on the communication going back and forth from the pit crew chief, and the driver. Crackle, static "hey, that was a real impressive left turn yew made back there, Jimmy Joe Don, now be careful, 'cus yew got another one coming up right quick" Crackle, pop "yeah Benny Earl Ray, the car's running real smooth right now, hold on, gotta another one of them left turns coming up." Sheer excitement!
I'm not really big on NASCAR racing; just five minutes of watching these guys going around in circles puts me in a trance. But, as long as they keep coming down here every year with pockets full of cash, we'll be glad to welcome them here. "Hey, Kenny Jeb Kirk, how the hell are yew? Its good to see yew agin! Did yew bring your sister?"

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Step Your Game Up!

In the world of team sports we have all seen times when our favorite team or player just isn’t playing up to par. Every player goes through slumps from time to time. When players are struggling they often have teammates to try and pick them up. “You can do it man!” “Come on bro step your game up!” They know that their teammate is having problems, and they are there to give him their support.
In the game of life we all go through our down times. You feel off kilter, nothing seems to be going right, and your attitude has gone south. Sometimes you might be fortunate enough to have a family member or a co-worker notice and help pick you up. Most times it is up to our self to take notice and to pick our self up.
This is done through introspection. Introspection is the ability to honestly evaluate yourself. Sounds easy, but is it really? There are many people that have problems being honest with themselves. Every thing that happens is always someone else’s fault, and never their fault. Everyone knows someone like that, and we are all guilty of it from time to time. Things aren’t going right; you blame the circumstances, other people, and any other excuse you can think of instead of saying I just didn’t perform as well as I could have.
Most well adjusted folks, and the ones that are most likely to learn from their mistakes, are the ones that are able to honestly evaluate them selves from time to time. Introspection will tell you when you need an attitude adjustment, when you need to try harder, when you need to be nicer to others, and when you need to step your game up.
Things happen and many times they are out of our control; but many times they are in our control and we need to recognize this. Nobody likes to get lame excuses from others, and we should not settle for them from ourselves. When you get caught up in a bad attitude, or a slump, you need to be able to give yourself a good kick in the pants and tell yourself, “I gotta step my game up!”
Your teammates in the game of life will notice.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fear Is Spiritual Poison

Many people today are living in a constant state of fear. They are afraid of going to hell, they are afraid of terrorist attacks, they are afraid of governmental control, they are afraid of the economy, they are afraid of the price of oil, etc. Very few people realize that we are, and always have been conditioned to be fearful. The major news networks are nothing more than government run fear mongers, and it is impossible to watch them without becoming fearful, or depressed. Your major religions are always telling you that you will burn in hell for all eternity if you don't follow their dictates. The average person's anxiety level is maxed to the limit.
There is a reason for this. Governments, and religions have always acted hand in hand to keep the population under control. There is no easier way to control people than to keep them living in fear.
Fear is spiritual poison. Fear closes down the natural pathways between man and the divine within. With these pathways closed down man is nothing more than an animal, instead of the spiritual being he truly is. There is a reason religions liken their followers to sheep; they want you to merely follow along and contribute to them, not to grow spiritually, or to be different.
If you truly want to grow spiritually, and if you truly want to be free, you need to escape the bonds of fear. Life is to be lived, and experienced; this cannot not be done while living in fear.
As long as you feel you have something to lose; your life, your house, your soul, etc. you will be subject to fear. Realize you have nothing to lose, and fear loses it's grasp.
Then you can reconnect with the divine and realize you have everything.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

I Am Man Hear Me Whine

Back in the early '70's, Helen Reddy had a hit song called, "I Am Woman", in which she starts out, "I am woman, hear me roar", which I thought was hokey, and all. I still do. But now that I am older, I realize that she was right. Women do all the roaring, while us guys do all the whining.
I should know. I am a man.
Why do men whine? I don't know, but I believe it has something to do with the male DNA. I remember when I was nine, and my mom wouldn't let me go over to Doug's house because his parents both worked, and we may get into trouble. I'd say, "Come on, Mom, I'll be good!"
It didn't work.
When I was fourteen, I asked my dad if I could go to Woodstock. After a few seconds of contemplation he said, "No, you're too young." I responded, "Dad, I'm almost fifteen. Please let me go!" Unfortunately, it still didn't work.
Almost forty years later, I still whine when I don't get my way -- and it still doesn't work. You would think that I would adjust, change my game plan, so to speak. But no, I'm not that smart. You see, I am married. You ladies can laugh (which I know you are), but how else can a guy get his needs met?
"Honey, I have no clean shirts for work tomorrow." "Why didn't anyone make coffee this morning?" "C'mon, honey, it's Monday night!" "I have no cookies for bedtime!" "Your Lifetime Movie channel is turned up too loud!" ...
If whining were an art form, I'd be Picasso.
The truth is, I whine because it does work (once in awhile). She'll do almost anything to get me to shut up.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Price of Being Nice

I don't really care for commercials. I normally fast forward through them if I'm watching on TIVO. But there is one set of commercials I will watch.
Ever see the ads for Liberty Mutual where one person does a good deed, and is seen by someone else? Who then does something nice for someone else, which is witnessed by a different person? This cycle is repeated until someone does something nice to the original good-doer, completing a circle of good deeds.
Now, most commercials insult my intelligence, but this one is actually teaching us a lesson with value. I tell my son (who is a bit of a grouch), "it doesn't cost anything to be nice to someone".
It's true. Most of the time you will not even have to go out of your way to be nice to someone. If you pay attention, you will notice numerous times in the course of a day, where you can. However, most people are too wrapped up in themselves to notice other people. Everyone today is either talking on a cell phone, or listening to their i-pods; off in their own little worlds. But even these space cadets notice when you do something nice for them.
You should see the looks I get from some people, by just holding a door for them, and saying, "good morning"! They are shocked, but they like it. Let's face it, everyone likes to be treated with respect, like a person, not just another face. And it doesn't cost a thing to lift someone's day.
Let's all try to create a circle of good deeds everyday.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bad Intentions

I love American football. I also love Australian rules football, but that's another subject. Today I want to tell you why I love football(American style).
I played when I was younger,and there is no adrenaline rush quite like football. Running around, causing mayhem on defense, giving out punishing blows when on offense, and otherwise throwing your body around for the sake of the team.
My dad taught me young,"play with bad intentions, football is no place for nice guys". And that is what's so cool about football, there are two teams, each with eleven guys, who are trying to knock the snot out of each other.
Sure there are rules that prohibit some actions, but believe me, you can really do some punishing within the rules. Since everyone is trying to lambaste someone else, sooner or later you will end up the lambastee. Not as much fun as being the lambaster. But that's football and that's why its so great; each guy knows he will either be the punisher, or get punished, each snap of the ball.
This is not for sissies, or soccer players. It takes wackos to play football. No truly sane individuals will do this to themselves. But, if you are just wacky enough, there is nothing like it.
Now a days, I am an old fart who coaches pro and college games from an easy chair on the porch. Well, I act like I'm coaching; yelling out instructions to my team on every snap. I am so intense that I have to keep a six pack in my frig. just so I don't lose my voice. I have to learn to lighten up.
This weekend, the Oakland Raiders lost (again).
Right now I have some very bad intentions for my TV.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Constitution Is NOT "Just a Piece Of Paper"

President George W. Bush once commented that the Constitution was "Just a piece of paper." NO! G.W. Moron it isn't! The Constitution may have been written on a piece of paper, but it is the law of the land. There are many millions of Americans who swore an oath to defend that Constitution, and they really meant it.
The Bill of Rights to that Constitution are a testament to the genius of our Founding Fathers, and the lighthouse showing the way of freedom to the entire world. Every one of those freedoms were carefully chosen to protect the rights of INDIVIDUALS against oppression. Our Founding Fathers through past experience, knew that most oppression of the people came from their own corrupt government; thus the Constitution is in place to protect the people from their own government if it went bad.
Once again the Second Amendment is under attack because of a mass shooting. I am not a advocate for guns, but I am a HUGE advocate of the Second Amendment. As long as EVERY Federal agency, military, swat team, police force is armed; the American people need to be armed in case the above forces are ever corrupted, or taken over.
That is my take, as you were.

Americans First

Did you read that Congress recently passed 700 Billion dollars for defense? I say let’s give the military industrial complex a haircut of let’s say 10%. I know they will wail that we are weakening America’s defenses. I say BULL SHIT! If we put 10% of the budget slated for the military industrial complex (70 Billion dollars) towards the AMERICAN PEOPLE we could give everyone FREE HEALTH CARE, eradicate poverty and the homeless, and make sure no one goes unfed.
Politicians, you have been warned. I agree with America First, but I agree more with Americans First. Do your jobs, represent your constituents; or else.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Devils and Lightgivers

There are two major factions that are always doing battle with each other; one side is the devils, and the other is the Light givers. Their battle ground is the human consciousness.
Devils are typified by darkness, and a lust for power; their weapons are deception and lies. Light givers are typified by light, and love; their weapons are truth, and knowledge. Devils hate the light, and truth, and anyone who gives this out to the masses. The reason for this is the devils cannot conduct their nefarious schemes if people are aware of what they are doing. Because of this, devils hate Light givers, and if they cannot pervert them into their way of thinking they will try to destroy them.
On the other hand, Light givers love everyone, including the devils, and will try to uplift everyone into the love, and light of God. If the devils refuse this, the Light givers will oppose them by shedding light on their schemes, and working to teach others.
Why the disparity here? Why aren't the Light givers trying to destroy the devils? Why did Jesus, and other saviors teach "Love thy enemy"? There is a spiritual reason for this.
There is one God, out of this originating source springs the Holy Spirit; which is also known as the Bani, the Word, the Eck, etc. This force manifests ALL life, on all the various planes of existence. As this force descends into the lower planes of the spiritual-materialistic worlds, (the mental, astral, and physical), it splits into Positive, and Negative streams. The Positive is known as God, and It's Light givers, the Negative is known as Satan, and the devils.
Each soul has been sent into these lower worlds, unaware of It's divine origin, to gain spiritual knowledge, and to earn It's spiritual mantle. This happens through karma, and countless reincarnations, as each soul learns to follow the path of love, and reject the accumulation of power. The spiritual purpose of the Light givers is to teach us the way; the spiritual purpose of the devils is to test us to prove we have truly learned the lesson. Both forces are needed for our spiritual growth. Each and every Light giver was at one time a devil, and every devil will be a Light giver in the future.
Mankind is always growing, and evolving spiritually. The Positive, and Negative forces are always in balance. This may not always seem to be the case, but never the less it is true.
Today it seems like the devils are in control. Many of these devils are working for the total enslavement of man. The devils have been weaving this web of enslavement for many years. However, over the last fifty, or sixty years many Light givers have reincarnated here to do battle with these devils. As this battle of enslavement versus freedom grows we have seen a quickening of events unfolding.
The devils know if they can keep mankind living in fear, and ignorance they can achieve their ends. The Light givers know if they can educate, and wake people up to the devil's lies, deceptions, organized terror, and money control, they can use the devils to springboard mankind into a new higher state of consciousness on a world wide scale.
As the devils work to destroy the Light givers, and enslave all men; the Light givers are selflessly working to teach, and enlighten everyone...including the devils.

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