Monday, November 15, 2010

My Side of the Story

The great thing about blogs is that it gives anyone who so desires a chance to write their thoughts and feelings, and make them public so anyone can read them.  Many bloggers make up a name and a persona and keep their true identities private.  I have no problem with these people, as long as they remember they are not really the persona they choose.

The Queen of WTF is one of these writers.  Her real name is ----, and she is a normal person trying to get by just like the rest of us. ---- is smart, funny, and tells it as she sees it.  I don't read many other blogs because of time restraints, but mostly because most of them can't put two coherent sentences together.  ---- is different, she can write, is normally quite funny, and shoots from the hip.  ---- and I became blog friends.

I can write pretty well, but I am a moron with computers.  One day ---- asked me to make a "button" so she could put me on her blog to help me get readers.  I told her I didn't know how to do this, so she made a button for me.  To do this it took several e-mails between the two of us, but ---- went on my site and did this for me. Unfortunately my  wife, Rhea saw the e-mails, and misconstrued what the terms 'button", and "code" meant. I tried to explain, but she did not understand because she is computer dumb like me.  

---- then invited me to join her group on a site called Tagged, which I did.  ---- was my only friend on that site.  When Rhea checked out the site she saw that, and she saw that all of the people Tagged suggested to be my friends were all women.  Rhea assumed that Tagged was a dating site, and that there was something going on between myself, and ----.  I repeat, ---- and I were just blog friends who liked to read each other and make comments.  Rhea got on one of my e-mail sites and started sending Judy nasty messages, many of which I am sure you read.  I tried to stop Rhea from sending more of these messages, by changing my password on the email site I though she was using.  After this Rhea sent one lengthy, especially nasty e-mail of which I was not aware of.  I received an e-mail from Judy in which she declared me to be schizophrenic, and that there was no Rhea, but just me playing a game with her.

---- and I have been on the outs ever since.

---- the "Queen" is now telling everyone that I am a phony, and that every article I have ever written is nothing but lies.

My only defense is I do, and have always written under my real name.  I know that many of my spiritual articles are foreign to people raised in a conventional religion.  I know that many of my political essays are seen as conspiracy theories to many people.  At the top of my site you will read "All of my articles are designed to make you think; what you think is up to you."  I do not really care what you think, as long as you make your own decision.

There is nothing phony about me; I practice what I preach.  What you see is what you get.  I did have many psychic experiences, my first one at the age of ten.  I didn't know it, but I was a sorcerer's apprentice as a young man.  These experiences are what I base my spiritual articles on.  My intent is nothing more than to pass on my knowledge to those who are spiritually ready for it.  I have had out of body experiences, lucid dreams, and performed magic; I have never seen a UFO, or been abducted by aliens.

Ridicule me if you want, but my name is on everything I write, and I stand behind every word.  I do not hide behind a made up title, nor do I have a fake persona that I write from.  All I do is write humorous articles, political articles, and articles about Spirituality 101.

I am very sorry for what has transpired with the Queen, and I will miss her as a friend. 

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