Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Letter to an Unknown I.R.S. Agent

Today I got home from work and got the mail. In the mail was a flyer from a local store, and an envelope with a clear plastic window with a multicolored check inside. This was a surprise, I knew it was a check from the IRS, but I wasn't expecting any. You see, I sent them a check for $26 about two months ago. I brought it in and showed my wife. She laughed out loud "What, is it for $1.50 like last year?" "I don't know but let's find out." I said as I tore it open. Inside was a check for $718.00!!!

Let's see...718 minus 26, equals $692! No way I could have been that far off! Well, since I have the check in my grubby little hands, it must be true. Evidently I am as handy with numbers as I am around the house.

Think about all of the people spending big money to do their taxes, trying to get the biggest refund, when there are conscientious IRS agents that will do it just for their paycheck. This is amazing! Just as I am about to the throw all politicians, and government employees under the bus because I don't trust any of them anymore; one of them caught my mistake. Not only caught it, but sent me the money. I have to tell you I am impressed.

Last year I never bothered to cash the $1.50 check. You can bet I will cash it this year. Thank you Mister IRS agent! (Wow, now I've done it! It could be a Miss, Mrs. or Ms.) I don't want to get anyone angry; I might need you again next year.
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