Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Peek Inside

I am Caucasian; a white man. I can't help it, I was born that way. That's the way the European DNA runs. I have learned a long time ago to be color-blind in matters of race. The only black-and-white I see is the color of a person's heart.

That being said, I am extremely distressed with all the comments I've heard from many smart-alec white people since the election of Barrack Obama. You know which ones I am talking about: the don't-worry-he-won't-be-President-for-long-he-will-get-shot ones. I guess because I'm white, these Einsteins think they can blather this racial shit to me, and think it's OK. They couldn't be more wrong.

One of these Einsteins was an offensive lineman at the University of Texas. Now he is just offensive. This dope thought he could go on his Facebook page and say "all you hunters out there gather up, 'cause we have a n!#*er in the White House!" Makes me wonder how he really felt about 3/4 of his teammates. I wonder, when he blocked somebody, if everyone on the field could hear the rocks rattle around inside his head.

My biggest fear is that one or a group of these simpletons will actually try to carry out their hate-and-bile-filled threats. If successful, the race war and destruction that will follow will make the Bush years seem like a dance around the maypole (not to mention America losing perhaps the brightest and most articulate President in our lifetime).

The Secret Service needs to put their full resources into checking out and arresting any and all people making these threats. They are not joking around as much as they are giving us a peek inside their real selves.

Shout out to Jim Rome of "Jim Rome Is Burning" (one his "takes" inspired this post)
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