Monday, December 9, 2019

Quick Opinion On Impeachment

Joe Biden starts a fight with a farmer for asking about Hunter and the Ukraine in a room of 65 people Elizabeth Warren admits she is not a person of color, and apologizes for lying.. in a BOWLING ALLEY President Trump fills arenas. Now do you understand why they want to impeach Trump?

Sunday, December 1, 2019

If You Can Dish It Out...

I grew up with two brothers. One was older than me, the other younger. We were all separated by one year intervals, so we grew up fairly close in age. This, of course, meant that we fought…a lot. Being the middle son, it seems that I was always in the middle of one of the fights. My older, and my younger, brothers seldom fought among each other.
My dad, knew that boys, would be boys, and he did not interfere with most of our squabbles (unless something got broke, then we all got spanked). But, woe to the child that started something then came running to him for help. His answer to that kid (usually me), was always firm; “If you’re man enough to dish it out, you better be man enough to take it! There is nothing worse than someone who can dish it out, but can’t take it!”
These words are the wisdom by which I live my life. They taught me quite a few things such as: taking responsibility for my actions, empathy for others, and that what ever I did to someone else, I had better be able to take when someone did it to me.
These three things are the cornerstone of our interpersonal relationships. Those who have learned, and follow them, are well adjusted, and normally get along with others. Those who haven’t learned them are maladjusted, and unpopular. Nobody wants to associate with someone who can’t “play well” with others.
We all know some of these “don’t play well with others” type of people. These folks feel that they have Carte Blanch to do, or say, anything they want to others; but are quick to take offense when someone responds in kind to them. Perhaps they just don’t realize that their behavior is churlish, and childish. Maybe they just aren’t smart enough to grasp the lessons most others mastered in elementary school.
Maybe they just weren't lucky enough to have a dad like mine.

Monday, November 25, 2019

An Open Letter to Those Nice Folks at P.E.T.A.

(Ed. note) This is a work of humor, not to be taken literally (especially any mention of cannibalism).

The holidays are here and once again it is time to engage in that old holiday tradition; listening to P.E.T.A. complain about the unethical treatment of turkeys, cows, chickens, pigs, and other edible animals.
I for one, am all for the ethical treatment of animals; however I do like to eat them also (especially with dressing and turkey gravy). This may seem like an ethical dilemma, but trust me it is not. I can rectify this seeming enigma in several ways.
First of all P.E.T.A. there is such a thing as a FOOD CHAIN. If you can’t find it in your PETA handbook, I am sure you can ask your seventh grade daughter to show it to you in her biology book. Take a good look; are turkeys, cows, and chickens, and pigs anywhere near the top? Of course not! Turkeys, cows, and chickens are just above plants, and dirt in the food chain pecking order. This means that they are on this planet to be eaten. Think about it; if we people were not eating them, some other animal would be. Who would you rather see stave to death; me, or some fox, coyote, or wolf? Knowing you PETA guys I don’t really want to know your response.
Secondly, I read a really good novel recently that contained a really good step by step description of how turkeys are slaughtered. First they are hung upside down which disorientates them, then they shock them to daze them, then they slit their throats. What ever happens next I really don’t think the turkeys care about. But the fact is the turkeys never know what hit them so it is a benevolent way to kill them. I personally believe the turkeys would rather die like this instead of being grabbed by the throat and shaken to asphyxiation by some fox. But really, does it matter? Turkeys have a brain roughly the size of an almond; they barely know seed from gravel. I personally feel you could kill them anyway you want, and they wouldn't know the difference.
Third, if all of us people who enjoyed eating animals suddenly stopped, how would YOU eat? Face it there is only a limited supply of tofu and wheat in this world. Maybe if we got hungry enough we could eat you! We know you tofu lovers are low in fat and probably very tasty. I think you guys should shut up and leave well enough alone while you are ahead and still have plenty of tofu.
Oh, by the way PETA if it will make you feel any better, I want you to know that my Thanksgiving turkey came back to haunt me over my inhumane treatment of him.
I never should have had that turkey salad sandwich right before bed!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Santa Redneck Is Coming To Town

Christmas comes early each year to our normally quiet community here in Homestead, Florida. Santa's come by the droves, not in sleighs, but in RVs, and campers, and pick-up trucks.
They come here each year to watch the last NASCAR race of the year; the one that decides the NASCAR champion, The Homestead-Miami Ford 400. These Santa's, don't come with a bag of presents, but with pockets full of cash. It is a welcome influx of cash for the hotels, shops, trailer parks, and bars of Homestead, and Florida City.
My wife, who tends a bar in Florida City, looks forward to this big three day party every year. After bar tending here the last five years, she knows that these folks love to drink, party, and lavish her with piles of dough; and there are few things she likes more than making lots of money.
The average NASCAR fan won't win many Nobel Prizes, or even spelling bees in their lifetime; but they remember her little bar, and they even remember her name, so it is like a big reunion for everyone.
These folks may be a little grubby, and their smiles remind you of a gap toothed jack-o-lantern; but they are usually well behaved, and very generous. Just be sure that you have countless cases of ice cold Coors Light, Budweiser, and Jack Daniels, on hand.
With all the drinking going on, it is a wonder to me how they can even find the race track, let alone keep track of how many left turns their favorite driver Billy Bob Kyle has successfully negotiated but, they do. In fact, they really get into the race.
Many of them rent out head sets so they can listen in on the communication going back and forth from the pit crew chief, and the driver. Crackle, static "hey, that was a real impressive left turn yew made back there, Jimmy Joe Don, now be careful, 'cus yew got another one coming up right quick" Crackle, pop "yeah Benny Earl Ray, the car's running real smooth right now, hold on, gotta another one of them left turns coming up."
Sheer excitement!
I'm not really big on NASCAR racing; just five minutes of watching these guys going around in circles puts me in a trance. But, as long as they keep coming down here every year with pockets full of cash, we'll be glad to welcome them here.
"Hey, Kenny Jeb Kirk, how the hell are yew? Its good to see yew agin! Did yew bring your sister?"

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Thank God For Teenagers!

Up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane...No! Its your friendly neighborhood teenager!
Modern day superheroes don't wear tights and a cape, and they don't have a mask. They can't fly, and they don't have super strength. They just show up in tee shirts, and over sized baggy jeans, to save the day.
I am a middle aged guy, and at this point in my life you would think that I would be self sufficient; but nothing could be further from the truth. When the TV is stuck on Video 2, and it appears that I will be watching a plain blue screen forever, I call my stepson to figure out the remote. When I install a disc not compatible with my Windows 10, and totally mess up my computer, I send up the bat signal for my step son's friend to bail my ass out.
The more and more life changes, the more I realize that teenagers are indispensable.
I am not a moron, (I don't think so anyway), but the modern world left me behind not long after the invention of "Pong" in the early 80's. Back in 1990 I needed my five year old son to teach me how to play "Mario Brothers"! I am not what you would call technologically inclined.
Now, the only kid I have left is my step son, if he gets married and moves away, what will I do?
I don't believe I can buy a teenager over the internet, and if I lure them over with candy, people will think that I am a pedophile. I think I'm going to have to connive a way to keep my step son from moving least until I get some grand kids.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Bad Intentions

I love American football. I also love Australian rules football, but that’s another subject. Today I want to tell you why I love football(American style).
I played when I was younger,and there is no adrenaline rush quite like football. Running around, causing mayhem on defense, giving out punishing blows when on offense, and otherwise throwing your body around for the sake of the team.
My dad taught me young,”play with bad intentions, football is no place for nice guys”. And that is what’s so cool about football, there are two teams, each with eleven guys, who are trying to knock the snot out of each other.
Sure there are rules that prohibit some actions, but believe me, you can really do some punishing within the rules. Since everyone is trying to lambaste someone else, sooner or later you will end up the lambastee. Not as much fun as being the lambaster. But that’s football and that’s why its so great; each guy knows he will either be the punisher, or get punished, each snap of the ball.
This is not for sissies, or soccer players. It takes wackos to play football. No truly sane individuals will do this to themselves. But, if you are just wacky enough, there is nothing like it.
Now a days, I am an old fart who coaches pro and college games from an easy chair on the back patio. Well, I act like I’m coaching; yelling out instructions to my team on every snap. I am so intense that I have to keep a six pack in my frig. just so I don’t lose my voice. I have to learn to lighten up.
This past weekend, the Oakland Raiders, and Miami Hurricanes lost (again).
Right now I have some very bad intentions for my TV.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Peace Is the Prize

There are people who love Pres. Donald Trump. There are people who hate Pres. Trump. Then there are those folks who don’t really know what to think. This short article is for them.
If you are aware it seems that everyone on TV, and other mass media systems hate Donald Trump. If you are paying attention you will also notice that all of the power people in government, both The Dems. and Reps. hate Donald Trump.
Keep looking and almost everyone of your TV and movie personalities hate Donald Trump. Did you notice that most of the Anti-Trumpers are violent toward people who support Trump?
Why do all of these powerful and influential people want you to hate Pres. Trump? What could they ALL have to hide? What could make them so afraid of Pres. Trump?
In spite of all of this Anti-trump hate have you noticed the huge ground swelling support for Pres.Trump at his rallies? How can this be when so many people (supposedly) hate Donald Trump?
There is a mass awakening going on, people realizing that we’ve all been had. We’ve all been lied to for many years.
Remember G.H Bush and WMDs used as a reason to attack Iraq? Now that information is unclassified, and it turns out we were lied to about that.
“It is time for the endless wars to end” – President Trump.
Who in their right mind would not want to put a stop to all wars, especially wars that involve getting Americans killed?
Try to realize that ALL wars are banker’s wars. Bankers, and the Military Industrial Complex make HUGE money during war. These people own and run the Mainstream Media and use them to make us think we need to be fighting wars using subterfuge and lies.
They do not care who dies, or lives the rest of their life without a limb. They do not care if the Agent Orange they used in Viet Nam kills their own soldiers 30 years later. They do not care if the depleted Uranium they shot off in Iraq makes their soldiers infertile, and created a whole generation of radiation deformed babies in Iraq.
It is time for all of the endless wars to end. It is time to put the bankers in jail. It is time to close down the Military Industrial Complex.
President Trump has been building up our military, but he knows that peace can only come through strength, not weakness. Our military, our infrastructure, our production of goods has been purposely weakened by the previous Administrations for the sake of the Globalists and their Socialist agenda.
Peace is the prize! Trump’s plan is to restore America and create world wide peace. Think of this in November 2020.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Spoiler Alert! / Mockingbird Media

Most people around the world don't realize that we a watching a HISTORIC movie of epic proportions. This is Good VS EVIL being played out in front of our eyes. SPOILER ALERT!! The Good guys win.


"The Media is one big keyboard for the government to play with." Joseph Goebbels. If you are not aware please search "Operation Mockingbird".
Our Media is totally controlled by Deep State factions inside our gov't that have not yet been rectified by Pres. Trump. Search the N.D.A.A. (National Defense Authorization Act), under which Obama made propaganda (lying) by the gov't legal.
Turn off your TV, or just listen with amusement, knowing that they are lying to you.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Things That Irk Me

I am normally an up beat positive type of a guy. I do my best to keep a positive attitude even under the most stressful situations, but there are certain things that people do that will never fail to irk me. Some people call these things “pet peeves”, but I prefer to call them “things that irk me” (I just think ‘irk' is a great, under used word). So here it is, Mike’s official list of “Things That Irk Me”.
1) Push handles on pull doors.
2) People who just have to pull out in front of you, when there are no cars behind you, then make a left hand turn 100 ft. down the road.
3) Loud mouths
4) Greedy people
5) Hooray for me, and f#&k you, type of people
6) Drivers waiting to make a left hand turn in front of you that won’t move into the center of the intersection.
7) Power driven policemen who forget that they are being paid to serve and protect.
8) Warm beer
9) Cigarette smokers who complain when I light up a cigar.
10)People who love to tease and, dish out verbal abuse, but get indignant, and offended when you do the same to them.
11)People talking on cell phones when they are paying for their groceries.
12)People sending text messages on cell phones while they are (supposedly) driving.
14)Wet cigars
15)Guys who can’t lift the toilet seat to piss
16)People who steal your lunch at work
17)Nosy, gossiping people
18)A bed that smells like “dog”
19)Slow golfers
20)Shoppers that block the whole aisle with their shopping carts
21)Cars that won’t start
22)Anything that won’t work, when I want it to
23)Flat tires
24)Beautiful women, that know that they are beautiful
26)Telemarketers calling at suppertime
27)Commercials that insult my manhood and, intelligence
28)Dead cell phone batteries
30)Varmints, flies, and cockroaches
31)Neighborhood cats in heat
33)Not being able to find my car keys at 3:45 AM, because they weren’t hung up.
34)Pull handles on push doors

Wow, I never realized there are so many things that irk me! What was that I was saying before about being positive and up beat? Forget that!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Prepare For the Golden Age

What has the Democrat controlled House done this year for the American People? Nothing, zilch, nada. The only thing this House has done is try to impeach Pres. Trump. In spite of absolutely no evidence of any crime by the Mueller special counsel, the House persists in trying to impeach Trump. The question is why? Why keep flogging a dead horse? Why tie up the Media with baseless allegations, made up "whistle blowers", and allegations?
Why not do something about infrastructure, health insurance, and Social Security?
The answer is really quite simple.
The Democrat controlled House is a Deep State controlled House. The Deep State knows that Pres. Trump is going to drain the swamp; in other words they know he will upset their apple cart of corruption.
This corruption runs deep on all levels of government; local, state, and Federal levels.
Pay close attention to those in government, and ex-positions in government. Those who scream the loudest for Pres. Trump's impeachment, are those whose crimes will be exposed the most.
They are in a panic. They know that if Pres. Trump is not removed, all of their crimes against America, humanity, and the World will be exposed, and they will all face the consequences.
All that has been hidden, will be known. When this happens, we can all thank Pres. Trump, and his allies "The White Hats".
The restoration on the American Republic is at hand. Prepare for the Golden Age.