Saturday, June 17, 2017

Aspiring To Be More Than Human

    This world, is nothing more than a large High School, for the maturation of soul. It literally takes thousands of lifetimes to graduate from this school, and to move on as teachers, guardian angels, spiritual guides, or any host of "jobs" which will be of your choosing, after graduation.
    Many of my past posts, have pertained to lessons we all must master before graduating. My post on "Real Love", is one such example.
    To many in the human state of consciousness, giving love through demonstration, with no thought of reward, or gratitude, seems to be beyond our scope. To be honest, to anyone IN the human state of consciousness, it IS beyond their scope. To be able to give love of this magnitude, one must live in their true state, that of spirit. To do this, one must stop identifying with their human side, and start identifying him(or, her)self as spirit. This is nothing more than a change of attitude. It usually does not happen over night, but if one starts thinking of himself as spirit, a change will come about. This does NOT mean we have to practice austerities of the body, or mind. Remember, as spiritual animals, both sides need attention in order to remain balanced.
    We also must remember that there are two different types of love; the human, and the spiritual. Human love, is best demonstrated by the love between two people. It is a love of give, and take; and it is emotional in nature. Because it is emotional, it is subject to change, as anyone who has ever gone through a break up knows. Spiritual love, is the love we all receive from God. This love is eternal, and unchanging. This is the love talked about by Jesus, St. Paul, and every Saint, and Savior, that has ever come to teach mankind. This is the love we aspire to be able to give.
    Before any of us graduate from here, we will.
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