Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Who's Right?

Everybody has their own personal views in life. Sometimes we keep them to ourselves, sometimes we tell others about them. As Americans, we all have the right, not only to hold our own view on something, but also to voice that view.
I don’t understand why, but many people feel they can hold, and state their views, but attack others who hold and state different views; especially in the matter of religion. It seems to me that these folks have forgotten the two basic tenets of their Savior’s message…love, and tolerance.
I am not talking only about Christianity, but all of the world’s religions. Every religion was started by an enlightened being who taught mostly about love, and the need for tolerance. I do mean ALL of the world’s religions. If you don’t believe me research it.
What could anyone be fighting about? If you follow the tenets of your Savior, how could anyone have a problem with someone stating their view point, or practicing their religion?
We all need to lighten up. As long as your faith is grounded on love, and you practice that love as best you can, you are growing spiritually.
To my fundamentalist readers out there, I know this is “way out there” for you. I respect your views and I am certainly not picking a fight with you. I am a “New Age” espouser, I do not deny that. I grew up a staunch Catholic, but as I grew, so did my understanding. If you are interested in my personal experiences, the early years are documented in "Kreskin's ESP Kit and Beyond"
If everyone could grasp the concept of “Love God, love yourself, and love thy neighbor as thy self” this world would be plunged into a golden age.
Think about it.
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