Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Let The Jones' Get You Down

Jesus said “It is easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Why is this? Is it because God dislikes rich people? No.
The reason it is so difficult for a rich person to enter into Heaven is because, since they have all of their physical needs met, they are preoccupied with gaining more wealth, or buying the physical pleasures of this world; not with God.
A quick look through the history of the Saints, and Saviors shows that most of them were born into poverty, or gave up their wealth to follow God. It is indeed very difficult to pursue the pleasures of the flesh, and God at the same time.
Before each incarnation every soul makes a decision on what they hope to achieve in their next lifetime spiritually. If a soul knows that he/she is nearing the end of his schooling in this world, he will often choose a harder, or more demanding life in order to pay off karmic debts so that he may move on as a Spiritual Guide, teacher, Guardian Angel, or co-worker with God.
If you are living a life of hard times, where you seem to go from one challenge to the next one; rest assured that you have chosen that life in order to graduate from constant reincarnations. Realize that you are nearing the finish line and are striving to reach it. You are like the horse that can smell water, nothing will keep you from reaching it.
When you see others with their fine homes, cars, and other amenities, don’t be envious of them; just know that YOU have chosen this life in order to gain something much more important…freedom from karma and rebirth. You have chose love over power; you have chose God over material wealth. You are like the marathon runner passing the twenty five mile point, you are tired, and you are dragging; but nothing will keep you from the finish line.
Once you have crossed that line, then you can help others on their long trek to God.
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