Friday, October 1, 2010

Conspiracy Theories?

Most Americans watch the nightly news to get their information. Little do most folks realize that the information they get from the three major networks, CNN, and Fox is skewered, and often of little value, or truth. The reason for this is they are ALL owned by elitists in cooperation with those who would be world owners. There is no true freedom of the press anymore, and the fourth estate rarely tells the people what is really going on.

Fortunately we have investigators, and reporters who work outside of the major information mongers, who are trying to find out the real truth behind many terrorist attacks, and who or what is responsible. The purpose of this article is to show people who are not aware of a "shadow government" running our government, and most of the world. There is indeed this sinister force, and they accomplish their agenda using a "calamity-response" method. The sinister part is THEY make the calamity, and the response is THEIR solution, which is to pass laws that infringe on our rights, and the Constitution in hopes of creating a one world government that they will control through the United Nations.

On April 19, 1995 the Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed in broad daylight early in the morning. The Feds charged Timothy McVeigh with the crime of blowing up a single bomb made of fertilizer, and diesel fuel that devastated the front of the Federal building. This is still the official explanation today.

Here is what we know: Eyewitnesses, and survivors all testified that there were TWO explosions that morning, and that the second was more powerful than the first. Seismic recorders in the area show two explosions that morning. CNN was reporting from the scene live when a first responder came out of the building carrying a bomb that did not go off, and they also reported that a fourth bomb had been found in the building that also did not go off. Shortly after this Government agents came, defused the bombs, and spirited them away. The CNN film was confiscated, and all talk of unexploded bombs was stopped. Fortunately many people watching CNN that morning had VCRs and taped the broadcast.

The result of the Oklahoma City bombing was that the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act,S.735 that got voted down the year before, breezed through Congress even though it went totally against the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.

Everyone still remembers what happened on 9/11/2001, but how much of what we were told is true? I know this for fact, that from the moment an airplane pushes from the gate, until it pulls into the arrival gate, there is never a moment when that aircraft is not being monitored by the FAA, or Air Traffic Control (ATC). On the morning of 9/11 at LEAST four passenger planes suddenly made u-turns about 500 miles after take off, and not ONE alarm by ATC. Three aircraft went on to hit target destinations; while what happened to the fourth one is still conjecture.

The result of 9/11 was that President Bush now had reason to invade Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, and also to invade Iraq over possible "weapons of mass destruction" (which of course were never found). Bush also started Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, and enacted other laws to reduce the rights of the American Citizen.

It has been recently unveiled by The Architects, and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, that thousands of samples of soot taken the morning of 9/11 contain particles of an advanced explosive. For trace amounts of this explosive to show up in the soot, it must have been in the buildings when they fell. Demolition experts have long testified that the twin towers, and building 7, look to be the work of a controlled demolition; now we have the proof.

Early this spring the Deep Horizon well being drilled by British Petroleum blew causing millions of gallons of crude oil to rush into the Gulf of Mexico. While the major news networks showed "all oil spill, all of the time" to American viewers, Congress quietly put HR 3534 back on their slate. To those not aware of HR 3534, it is a law that if enacted, would give over control of all American coastal waters, inter-coastal waterways, the Great Lakes, and rivers to the United Nations. The reason for this is we need to be protected from a Foreign Country polluting our waters again.

Funny, but every time we need protection we lose our rights, and/or our sovergnity.
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