Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Open Letter to Local Police and the Military

The Federal Government, most State Governments, and many local Governments have been infiltrated and taken over by people representing the major banking institutions, and corporations of the world. It is their intention to take over the world in a one world fascist government that they will control as they please. Their aim is to overthrow the U.S. Constitution, and replace it with a United Nations Constitution; one that does not ensure any rights to individuals, cities, states, or nations.
This is happening on a country-wide basis today. The Federal Government has sued the Governor of Arizona for stopping illegal aliens from streaming across their border, and have threatened local Sheriffs with arrest for not complying with the Brady bill. The former is clearly an act of treason under the Eighth and Eleventh Amendment of the Constitution, and the latter is an attempt to circumnavigate around the Second. There have been documented instances where military personnel have been used to man D.U. I. road stops in lieu of local police. This is clearly unconstitutional! With the exception of Martial Law, NO Military Officer has any jurisdiction over a private American Citizen. Many feel this is an attempt by the Federal Government to see if they can get away with it, and to condition the American people to accept being harassed by the military on a local level.
Those people who have recognized this threat, and have tried to make others aware of their agenda, are being attacked as "Conspiracy Theorists", which tries to brand them as kooks; while others are being branded as "Domestic Terrorists". The reason to brand patriotic American Citizens as Domestic Terrorists, is to get YOU, OUR police, and OUR military, who have sworn to protect this country from all enemies foreign, and DOMESTIC, to take actions against your own people.
I also want to remind you that you have sworn to up hold the United States Constitution, and to serve and protect the citizens.
The overthrowing of our Constitution, our way of life, and freedom; cannot happen unless the tainted Federal Government can convince you to be their henchmen.
Please don't let this happen, because once we the the people have been slapped down, the government will have no one to fear but YOU! You will find out the hard way that you are very expendable to them. Not convinced? Google "The Night Of the Long Knives", as this has happened before.
If you lose your humanity for the sake of power, what is to stop the loss of ALL humanity?
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