Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Cone of Death!

I really like living in South Florida. It has a lot to be said about it. I love it sunny and nice everyday. The summers, however can be a little hard to take, the sun is brutal, the humidity is stifling, and South Florida is a magnet for hurricanes. 

Every year, you live knowing, another Andrew could hit. And boy do the local TV channels rake in big dough! There is nothing like scaring someone, to get them to pay attention.

We now have Tropical storm Colin churning about 800 miles to the south west of us. The possibility of a hurricane imminent, now is the time for "all hurricane, all the time programming"! And believe me, we can't get enough of it! We love "all hurricane, all the time"! 

To people who have never paid much attention to hurricanes before, you don't know what you're missing. All the excitement down here revolves around the ever changing, very mysterious, projection track that the computers THINK the storm is going to follow. This track is known as " the cone" because the farther you project away, the larger the scope. I affectionately tabbed this "the cone of death".

We are soooo hooked on the cone of death. Everybody is constantly asking "are we in the cone?" Since nobody has any frigging idea where a hurricane is going to go, they keep changing the cone. One hour in, next hour out.

Now, its hard to really get into this game, if you live in say... Maine.... No! To really play and get into this game you have to come down here in South Florida and sit on the bull's eye with us. You'd be hooked on "all hurricane coverage, all the time" too.
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