Friday, July 2, 2010

I Love...

Some older folks out there might remember the old Tom T. Hall song called "I Love". It really is a hokey song, and the fact that it is sung by a fat Country singer makes it even worse.  However it is not so hokey that I won't rip that song off by putting my own lyrics to it.

        I love big smelly cigars, hepped up muscle cars... and old bars.
        I love living without fear, women who call me dear.... and beer.
        I love singing karaoke, titties that are perky.... and beef jerky.
                                And I love to booze!

        I love twisted cigarettes, winning when I bet....and roulette
        I love drinking til last call, folks that say y'all.... and football.
        I love sipping good whiskey, doing what I please...The Florida Keys
                                And I love to snooze!

        I love women with some class, a great piece of ass.... and cheap gas.

        I love hearing a good band, giving someone a hand... being in command.
        I love cooking on my grill, getting a new thrill... and pills.
                                And I love the blues!
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