Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thinking Deep Thoughts With a Shallow Mind

Things seem to be out of whack. There are a lot of crazy things going on, and I am trying to ponder them out. Being an introspective kind of a guy, I am wondering if all of these things are really crazy, or just too complicated for my feeble mind to grasp. Ponder with me on some of these thoughts.

What is so special about the new health care bill? All of the democrats know that the vast majority of Americans are against this bill as it is currently written; why would so many of them commit political suicide to ram-rod it through? The American people are angry; there will be a democratic blood bath coming at the polls this November. Are the words of President Obama so pursuasive that the democrats would willing act like lemmings and dive off of the political landscape? Is the will of the Overlord (who ever that may be) more important than their political careers?

Why are we fighting a war in Afghanistan? The government loves to tell us that we are really fighting the Taliban, and trying to eliminate Osama Bin Laden. If this is true, why so many thousands of American troops (with more to come) to hunt down a bunch of rag tag turban wearing misfits? This sounds more like a job for a C.I.A. hit squad, or a platoon of Navy Seals. If they couldn't get the job done I bet we could hire the Mafia to put a hit on old Bin Laden's ass.

Why does the government need to know so much about us? The government has paid nearly $700 million to promote the 2010 census, and to tell us why it is so important for us to fill it out, and send it back to them. Why? They already know everything they could possibly know about us. They have all of our homes on GPS coordinates, they have all of our cars chipped, all of our cell phones chipped, our pets chipped, our TV systems chipped, our credit cards are chipped, our new guns are chipped, and some (not as many as they want) people chipped. If you have been in the military in the last 10-15 years, odds are you are one of them. Who's that knocking on my door? Oh, its only Big Brother.

There are many more deep thoughts I could ponder, but my mind is far too shallow to handle them all.
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