Monday, February 16, 2009

Here's To Your Health

I'm not feeling well, I've called in sick to work the last three days. This is not like me, I have always been blessed with great health. I am going to have to see my doctor soon... like tomorrow. Fortunately, thanks to my union, I still have health care benefits. Nothing like I had when I was first hired, but at least I can afford to see a health care professional when I need to.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the majority of Americans. Under the Bush Administration's policy of higher profits for rich CEOs, at the expense of the American workers, most health care benefits have either been eroded, or totally abolished by people who don't have to worry about how they will pay the doctor. Health care benefits are now the sole responsibility of Joe American. Depending on your current health, and the number of children you have, that cost is approaching what most people have to pay for their mortgage each month.

Since many good paying jobs have been exported overseas, most Americans are earning substantially less than they used to. That means their health care is no longer a basic right, but an extravagance; one they no longer can afford. Most people go from day to day hoping that they won't get sick, or need medical help.

So, what happens when they, or their children get sick? I'll tell you what, nothing! They live with it, and hope it will go away. We literally have millions of people living with pain, needing operations, dental care, and antibiotics. Has corporate greed got so bad that they have lost their humanity? Evidently so. Our politicians, felt the need to rally around the bankers and bail them out to the tune of 750 billion dollars (which they turned around and handed out to their CEOs in multimillion dollar golden parachutes, and exotic vacations), but they cannot help heal their own people!

I am not a communist, but the new administration needs to take a long, hard look at nationalizing health care here in the USA. Its time our government got its priorities in order.

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