Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big Butts

I come from German ancestry, almost all of my forbearers, are German. I am a third generation, American. However because of excessive in-breeding by my Grandparents, I am almost all German by descent. Not too bad really, I was always a very good athlete, but there was one stigma I never could shake, The German big butt syndrome (GBBS). It seems that all Germans (and their progeny) have big butts! And I don't mean kinda big, I mean BIG. Like I said I was always a good athlete, but even in the best of shape, I still had a noticeable butt.

"Bubble butt" is what they called me at work 8 years ago, while at the time I was running 35mi. a week to prepare for a marathon! Well here I am, 8 years older, and only jogging (maybe shuffling is a better term), 12 mi a week.

I try not to make a habit of bending over in front of my crew at work. The whistles and the snickers, are very embarrassing! Hey! I can't help my DNA man! Show a brother some compassion will ya? And to think what a good boss (jeffe, in spanish) I am to them. Like "Dirty Harry" said,"A man has to know his limits", and right now my limits are being contained in a 36" waist. At least I know if I hap-hazardously bend over in front of someone, no one will get hurt, unless I clip them with my big butt.
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