Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Crack Pot Mike

Many of my readers have been listening to me talk about many vile subjects such as child trafficking, pedophilia, by not just Catholic Priests, but almost all of the elite in this world. You have been hearing me tell you that our American Government has been run by a deep state ruling class since J.F.K.'s murder. You have been listening to me tell you that the Federal Reserve Bank is run by foreign powers that are getting VERY rich because they control the fiat (money based on nothing) money supply. You have heard me harp that we are under going countless, and endless wars, because that is how we keep our fake economic society going (war makes money, peace does not), thus our men have been sacrificed for over 100 years to keep the elite rich's status quo.

I hope I have made some of you think, and maybe look into these things.

Most folks however get their "news" from their main stream media (MSM) TV, not realizing it is all FAKE, and controlled by the CIA. These folks think that I am a crack pot spewing conspiracy theories. 

The folks who are open minded are in for a much less of a shock than those hopelessly entrenched in the MSM shite.

The truth is coming out no matter what the MSM wails about. There will be mass arrests coming soon. 85-90% of Congress is guilty of Treason, done through bribery, or black mail. Most of your more popular MSM hosts are in fact CIA agents (ie Anderson Cooper who admittedly was a CIA intern in college).

I recommend you prepare yourself for what is coming up as the American Republic is about to be restored, and taken back from The Vatican, and the banks of London. 

Millions of people are turning their backs on the MSM because they want to know what is really going on. If you are one of these people, let me give you some sites you should check out for real truth, and knowledge you can use.

caravantomidnight.com, meria.net, the goldfish report, nomorefakenews.com, infowars.com.

Waking up is a matter of choice. If you wake up now, the blow of reality when the shite hits the fan, will not be as shocking. Happy Independence Day. Our Republic is about to be restored.
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