Saturday, May 20, 2017

Kamikaze Drivers

Like most people I have to work in order to make a living. One of the major problems with having to work for a living is that you have to drive to get there.
I used to live in Rochester, NY. It is a mid sized city and the traffic jams are never very bad.
I now live in Miami, FL. It is a major metropolitan city with many millions of people. Most of them come from other countries, and they drive like it.
I don’t believe I am being prejudiced when I say that they all drive as if they went to the Tokyo Driving Academy; and most of them majored in kamikaze.
I have to be on top of my game every day. My wits clear, joints, and muscles ready for action. Driving to work is a lot like playing “Asteroid” but you are in a car, and it is real. Zigging, zagging, trying to avoid the space debris, I mean…kamikazes.
Drunk drivers are all most nonexistent here in Miami. They are far too easy prey for the kamikazes.
I am contemplating wearing grown up diapers when I dive to and from work. I might as well, I crap my pants every other day or so.
These days we all have a lot of stress in our lives. I believe that the grown up diaper will reduce some of that stress in my life.
Excuse me while I change will you?
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