Friday, April 7, 2017

Thank You To My Readers

Over 300,000 people have read my articles over the years. I have never made one penny off of them. So you might wonder why I bother.

One reason: love.

I write some humorous articles, some spiritual, some health conscious, some political, and some about life. I write all of these to make my readers think.

"All of my articles are designed to make you think (even the humorous ones) what you think is up to you."

I have spent over 50 years accumulating knowledge that I wish to pass onto others. Much of what I have learned is way off of the beaten path for most people, because I choose to look beyond that path.

I consider myself a way-shower. I am not a way-pusher, or a way-shover. I put out what I have learned over the years and let the reader decide if it resonates with them or not.

My articles are my gift of love to the world; I have no other motive. Since I make no money off of them, what other reason would I do this?

To those who take the time to read my articles, I say thank you. To those of you who share my articles with others, I say thank you.

All any writer wants is to be read, and considered. Thanks for making this happen for me.

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This site is more a column than a blog. I write humorous, spiritual, and political articles. Everything I write is designed to make you think; what you think is up to you.