Saturday, February 25, 2017

We Need Illeagal Immigrants To Pick Crops?

Have you noticed these liberal postings about using illegal aliens to harvest crops; saying "How many of you Americans would do this job?" Here is my take on this; There have always been Mexican workers coming up north to harvest crops, they used to be called migrant workers. They were known and vetted, and they returned to Mexico after the harvest season was over.

We should still allow these known migrants to come up north to make some extra money, but they should have to earn citizenship like any other immigrant.

To supplant any worker shortages we might face, we should arrest all of the violent protesters. We should also arrest corrupt bankers, Wall Street agents, and politicians. They should then be sentenced to do these picking of crops jobs, or go to prison.

I say we teach these guys what it is like to have to WORK for a living. After their terms are up, I bet they will have more respect for workers, people, and their property.
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