Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Living the life of a mature soul, is always a life of being in balance. One of the major crossroads of soul is the choice to walk the path of power, or to walk one of love.

All Saviors, and saints, that have come here to uplift Mankind, have taught to walk the path of love. This path must be followed carefully, balancing pride, and humility. Each person must have an inner pride, knowing that he/she is soul, and one day to inherit the throne of God. Each person must have humility, knowing that everyone else, is also soul, and will also one day inherit that throne. This throne is called God consciousness.

Spiritually speaking, no one is better than anyone else, and no one is worse than anyone else. Everyone is divine, and living in the state of consciousness they have chosen, and earned at this point. God realization is not a race. God loves all souls the same, whether it takes forty lifetimes, or forty thousand lifetimes to earn God consciousness.

Those souls that have chosen the path of love are in a bit of a predicament here on earth, because the vast majority of souls are still infatuated with power. These power infatuated souls, have no problem trying to take advantage of, or stepping on the love saturated souls, or anyone else they perceive as being weak. The love souls must learn to defend themselves, through being assertive. This is basically, standing up for yourself, and not allowing yourself to be walked on.

Assertiveness, when used in defensive situations, is necessary for souls on the path of love. Assertiveness, when used in an offensive manner, to gain something, is aggression, and power based.

As mentioned before, the life of the mature soul, is a life of balance. Sometimes it is like waking on the edge of a razor blade. It is not whether or not you fall off that is important, but rather, that you walk it as best you can.
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