Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Reverse Midas Touch

Ever have one of those days, when everything you touch turns to shit? How about one of those weeks? Well lately I have been rolling nothing but snake eyes. I need to get my astrologer buddy Mason Garrett to check out my chart, because I have obviously pissed off one of the planets. Probably that asshole Mars, I never liked red anyway.

I know this may seem a little off character for me; talking about spirituality and all lately, but I need a release, a place to vent. What better place to get things of my chest than here, with my blogger friends? I am after all still human.

Lately it seems I have stepped on every crack in the sidewalk, my best intentions have done nothing but bite me in the ass. Hell, even my own dog growled at me this morning! No matter what I do, its not good enough, and its done a day too late. I truly cannot do anything right and I'm left wondering why.

And to think, I had every intention, of writing a perfectly good post tonight about perseverance. You know, about keeping a stiff upper lip (pip pip and all) during tough times, and keeping a never say die attitude. Saying banal platitudes like "winners never quit, and quitters never win". Well screw that! I got to tell you, I am pretty fed up with it all. I probably should call the suicide hotline, but with my luck I would get a busy signal.

 Right now I don't feel like a doormat, I feel like an ant beneath the doormat.

Since I don't own any guns, I guess I'll just go to bed. Who knows, maybe the sun won't come up tomorrow. Aah, no chance I'll get that lucky, guess I'll have to go to work.
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