Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Coming Of A New Age

After posting "Fear Mongers" I received a couple of comments stating that they believed what I was saying to be true; however, they didn't know what they could do to change things.

First of all, let me state that helplessness is an effect of fear, and exactly what the global elite wants to propagate among the masses. In "The Awakening", I talked about how each of us is in control of their own state of consciousness. It is very important not to let fear and helplessness rule your state because you are then tacitly allowing someone else to rule your domain. That is the first, and most important step each of us as individuals has to take.

The second step is to help other people become aware of what is happening. Talk to your family and friends, make copies of "Fear Mongers", and tack them up at work or email them to people.

The third step (and I know this may sound ludicrous to some people) is to love the George W. Bushes, Barrack Obama's, and other power elite of this world. I firmly believe that mankind is on the verge of taking the next big step in our spiritual evolution, where our collective consciousness jumps from an us-and-them mentality to realizing our oneness. This will happen after we feed our collective unconsciousness enough love and goodwill to propel our collective consciousness to the next level.

This is very similar to the Age of Aquarius that everyone talked about back in the 1960's. I do not, nor will I ever, advocate violence, for this will only propagate the circle of bad karma we have been going through the last few millennia.

The power elite, may control the banking systems, and the ruling structures, of the world; however, they are very few in number. Once the blinders have been removed from the people, they will be forced to scurry away like cockroaches when a light has been turned on. They will do anything to keep mankind from taking this big step. I anticipate some drastic measures by them in the near future, possibly including Barrack Obama declaring Marshall law soon.

Please do not be swayed, or cower to them. It is time to love like we have never loved before. A new age is upon us!

May the blessings be.

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