Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gambling Women

Can anyone tell me, what is with women and gambling?

I am not talking about just any gambling either, I am talking about slot machines. Women are drawn to slot machines like moths to a flame. Just like those proverbial moths, almost all of the women get burned by these things. It doesn't matter. No many how many times they have lost their asses playing these stupid games, they still salivate like one of Pavlov's dogs whenever they hear the bells, and see the lights of slot machines.

Here in Miami and most of the US, gambling has run rampant. There are several large casinos in our area, and most of the bars have slot machines also. You can walk into any of these places and see women lined up like lemmings waiting to dive off the cliff of their financial solvency. They will sit there for hours, (or until their money runs out) staring into the screens of these money robbing machines. These slot machines must be using some kind of subliminal programming to suck these women in because they all sit staring straight ahead as if they were in a trance.

My wife is one of these people. I keep hearing her say "I'm going to save money for a vacation, or new furniture etc." then the next thing I know she has run off to the casino and donated all of her money to those nice Indians. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

To my wife, and all of the other dumb women out there hooked on these machines, I have one thing I want to say. Since you like to pull on the handle so much, I have a handle you can pull on!

Pull on this!

If you pull it enough there is a 100% chance of a pay out.
Hell, you don't even have to give me your money.
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