Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Key

Many of us here today are what are known as “old souls”. This means we have bumbled and stumbled through lifetime after lifetime for many eons. We have learned many lessons during this time, and very few of them came easily. The reason they have been so difficult to learn is because we have learned through the trial and error method known as karma.

After spending literally thousands of lifetimes learning the lessons we need in order to graduate from karma and reincarnation, most of us are ready to get on the fast track to spiritual awakening. This fast track can be summed up in one word; HU.

Those who have studied the occult, or meditation, are aware of certain words, or mantras that will help raise the soul’s vibration rate, and open up the consciousness to higher levels of awareness. Each of these words corresponds to a certain level of spiritual being, or awareness. The word OM is very popular with both the occultists, and various methods of meditation. This spiritually charged word is good if one is interested in the mental realm (i.e. Nirvana, The Christ Consciousness, The kundalini experience).
The only draw back to this is that the mental realm is still in the worlds of duality. As immortal spiritual beings (Soul), we should not be satisfied with attaining the mental realm; we need to direct our efforts to attaining our true home the Soul Plane. The quickest and easiest way to attune ourselves to our true home is to become intimate with the word HU.

HU (pronounced Hugh) is the first and the primordial sound. All sounds find their origin in the HU. The word “human” literally means “Godman” which we all truly are.

Unlike the other mantras which are only used for meditative purposes, the HU can be used at any time, and any place. Sing the HU before going to bed, when you meditate, when you feel anxious, and when you are happy. Sing the HU to feel closer to God, to show gratitude, and when you are sad. The HU can be sung at any time, for any reason, as long as it is sung with love for God.

Do not sing the HU in hopes to win the lottery, or for personal gain. The HU is sung in order to gain something much more important than monetary or personal gain; it is sung to gain the realization that YOU are Soul. Soul realization is what each and every one of us has been striving to attain ever since we began our long road here on the Physical Plane.
Settle for nothing less.
May the Blessings be.
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