Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ghost Hunting Made Easy

Ghost hunting is very popular these days. There are literally dozens of shows on television, radio, and pod-casts concerning ghosts, and ghost hunting. Perhaps you wish to become a ghost hunter, or just learn about ghosts; this article is for you.
Most folks are interested in ghosts because they wish confirmation that there is life after death, others simply are interested in the occult, and the unknown.
Before we get into ghost hunting, we need to know what a ghost is. Man is a spiritual being that exists on many levels of existence all at the same time. These levels of existence are differentiated by the vibration rates of each one. The lowest vibration plane is the physical which all of us here are aware of. As we move up the vibration scale we encounter the astral plane, then the mental realms, and finally we encounter the planes of pure spirit, also known as the soul planes. Each individual soul has a corresponding body for each of these planes, so that soul may be protected from the denser vibrations, and also that soul may interact with that plane. We all are familiar with our physical body, but most people are not familiar with the other bodies they possess (unless you meditate, or do out of body travel).
When a person's physical body dies, the soul will leave that body and take up it's astral body and function in the astral plane as an astral entity. Most people when they pass over will remain near the old physical body for a few days to say good bye to loved ones, and to listen to what the living have to say about them. They then will go into the light to get their past life review, and prepare for their next physical incarnation. Some souls however, may have lived a negative life, and are afraid to go into the light because they feel they will be sentenced to hell, or limbo. Some refuse to go into the light because they are still attached to physical pleasures (alcohol, drugs, sex) and do not want to give them up. These earth bound astral entities are what we call ghosts.
Ghosts are still aware of the physical, but for the most part, are not able to interact with it due to their finer vibration rate. Ghosts that remain behind because of their love for carnal pleasures will often try to find a physical host they can attach to so they can enjoy these pleasures vicariously through that host. Most alcoholics, drug abusers, and sex offenders, have a parasite ghost attached to them, and are not aware of it. If you wish to ghost hunt, you must realize this and take steps to protect yourself from possible possession. No astral entity can attach itself to you without your permission whether overt, or subtle. Before ghost hunting you should always say a prayer asking God to protect you from the astral entities you will encounter.
Most ghost hunting shows will go to old prisons, mental institutions, and hospitals to look for ghosts. I do not recommend this as these places were filled with anti-social, and possible malevolent people, who are now malevolent astral entities. Never challenge, or dare an entity to attack you, this is subtly giving them permission to attach to you or follow you home. The best, and easiest place to look for ghosts is in any old bar. If you had special glasses that could allow you to see ghosts, you would see that almost all older bars have a few ghosts in there. Go to any older bar when it is not crowded, and bring a digital recording device with you. Ask the bartender if the bar has any ghosts. This will let the ghosts inside know that you are interested in them. The ghosts will then come and sit near you and talk to you, which may be picked up by your digital recorder as electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).
There it is, ghost hunting made easy. Just remember to never be afraid, and to never show fear. Believe it or not, most ghosts want to let people know they are there, and they want attention.
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