Sunday, September 19, 2010

Step Your Game Up!

In the world of team sports we have all seen times when our favorite team or player just isn't playing up to par. Every player goes through slumps from time to time. When players are struggling they often have teammates to try and pick them up. "You can do it man!" "Come on bro step your game up!" They know that their teammate is having problems, and they are there to give him their support.

In the game of life we all go through our down times. You feel off kilter, nothing seems to be going right, and your attitude has gone south. Sometimes you might be fortunate enough to have a family member or a co-worker notice and help pick you up. Most times it is up to our self to take notice and to pick our self up.

This is done through introspection. Introspection is the ability to honestly evaluate yourself. Sounds easy, but is it really? There are many people that have problems being honest with themselves. Every thing that happens is always someone else's fault, and never their fault. Everyone knows someone like that, and we are all guilty of it from time to time. Things aren't going right; you blame the circumstances, other people, and any other excuse you can think of instead of saying I just didn't perform as well as I could have.

Most well adjusted folks, and the ones that are most likely to learn from their mistakes, are the ones that are able to honestly evaluate them selves from time to time. Introspection will tell you when you need an attitude adjustment, when you need to try harder, when you need to be nicer to others, and when you need to step your game up.

Things happen and many times they are out of our control; but many times they are in our control and we need to recognize this. Nobody likes to get lame excuses from others, and we should not settle for them from ourselves. When you get caught up in a bad attitude, or a slump, you need to be able to give yourself a good kick in the pants and tell yourself, "I gotta step my game up!"

Your teammates in the game of life will notice.
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