Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hurray For Me (And F#&k You)

This post was originally released in September of 2008 in an alternate universe. It is re-born to educate, and entertain you, because these very policies are being carried on by President Obama.

Today's topic is corporate greed. There has always been a war of sorts going on between the "have" and the "have not" factions of the human race. Here in the USA, the gap between the two is wider than it has been since the great depression. The reason for this, is the climate brought about by the front man for the "haves", George W. Bush.
In the past eight years, Bush has championed the elitists, while totally ignoring the working men and women of America. Under Bush's watch, millions of decent paying jobs have been exported overseas, health benefits have been eroded, and workers pay slashed. All the while, prices for consumer goods, gasoline, and food, have risen steadily.
The "haves", in their smugness, are delirious with their gains, while the "have nots" are struggling everyday just to keep a roof over their heads, and food on their table.
Reagan, was an elitist, but with his trickle down economy, he saw to it that at least something got to the American workers. Not so under President Bush. No profit is too great for corporate America as far as he is concerned. The fact that this profit is coming at the expense of the American people, is of no concern to him, or his cronies.
They of course feel that they are entitled to these huge profits. In their short sightedness, they do not realize that they are sewing the seeds for their own destruction. Since so many manufacturing jobs are now done overseas, the cost to make something is much less than it used to be. But the lower manufacturing costs have never been reflected in the cost to the consumer. The prices have never come down, thereby increasing profit margins of management. However, since there are so many unemployed people, and the ones who do have a job are making substantially less than they used to, no one can afford to buy anything unless they put themselves in huge debt. Then they end up defaulting on these loans, and everybody loses. Companies, and banks are going bankrupt at an alarming rate!
These assholes have out smarted themselves! When will they learn that a well paid work force is their best customer? We really need someone running this country that understands that there has to be a balance between profit margins, and worker pay. Otherwise we are in for one long hard depression.
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