Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Middle Aged...and It Sucks

Feeling depressed today. Kinda feeling my age.

Today a very hot flight attendant came walking down the aisle of a 757 jet. Now this aircraft is 150ft or so long, and I was standing in the rear, so I got a real nice, long look of her and her long sexy legs. It was all very nice until she came up to me, and I gave her my best smile and said, "How are you today?" She said, "OK" and she didn't say anything more. I then realized that I am too old for her to even consider.

I wasn't really that crushed until later when I got a chance to think about it. God damn! I'm 
never gonna be able to pull prime pussy anymore! I'm old, chubby, and I smell like cigars,... and shit! That really sucks! And it really does. Never again will I ever feel the delight of scoring a "ten"...

But then, considering that all the "tens" are about my 
daughter's age, and that I am married, and that she would cut my balls off if I ever did get that lucky, I felt a little better.

But I still feel old.

Oh well. There are still some hot-looking, middle-aged FA's around that I could still pull. Not that I 
would, mind you.... I am married, and that cutting-off-of-the-balls part scares me....But nevertheless, I could pull it.

As long as I suck in my tummy.
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