Saturday, February 28, 2009

Does Anyone REALLY Own Sunglasses?

I've got this thing for sunglasses, I like them. If I could afford it I would have a closet full of them like Imelda Marcos had shoes. Living here in south Fla. they also have a purpose besides looking cool.

There is this one problem though, I keep losing the damn things! My theory is that no one really really owns a pair of sunglasses, they just pass them around. Hey, cool, I found a new pair of sunglasses, that look really cool on me! I'm gonna love the way I look in them...for about two weeks. Then someone else will get to look cool in them for the next two weeks. Oh well that's the way the sunglasses waltz goes.

MIKE'S LAW: "The length of time you will own a pair of sunglasses is in reverse proportion to the cost of the glasses." I once bought a pair of killer loop sunglasses for $120.00, which I had for two whole days before I used them to block an overhead smash in a game of volley ball. On the bright side, I did block the shot for a point.

Now a days I work for a major airline, and I find a pair of sunglasses about every 2, or 3 weeks. Which is perfectly timed to correspond with my losing the last pair I found. If anyone out there has figured out a way NOT to lose their sunglasses, please clue me in.


adnohr said...

LOL - this one made me laugh. It's amazing how you can turn any subject into an interesting read - the humour is a bonus!

Anonymous said...

How about tatooing your favorite sunglass frame onto your face and wear tinted contacts... problem solved.