Saturday, November 29, 2008

For Marty (Wherever He May Be), Part 2

I brought home Eckankar: Key to Secret Worlds and read it. This book did, indeed, give various methods on how to leave your body, but the reasons to leave your body were different from mine.

In Eckankar, one leaves his body to discover God and the inner worlds, not to check out the planets (or some girl's bedroom when she's changing). I was a Catholic, and God was to be feared, not loved. But I could not shake the fact that everything I read in that book rang as truth to me.

This caused a major catharsis within me. I decided to set the book aside for awhile until I came up with a resolution.

In the Fall of 1976, I was in my third semester at SUNY Brockport, after transferring there from the University of Miami. I met, and became friends with, a guy named Marty. Marty was a big guy who had played quarterback for the college football team.

One Friday, Marty and his girlfriend invited myself and my fiancée over for supper. We had a few drinks and smoked a couple joints when the conversation moved to ESP. Marty's girlfriend believed she was sensitive and told of her experiences. Marty, told me of a recurring dream he kept having.

In this dream, there was this "swami" guy trying to get through to him, but there was an invisible barrier (as a big pane of glass between them) and they couldn't connect. He asked me what I thought. I said that the "swami" person could be an Eck Master, and told him of my Eckankar book. He asked if he could read it, I said yes, brought it to class on Monday, and gave it to him.

About a week and a half later I walked into the Student Union to have lunch. The place was packed with students milling about. I wondered why the place was so crowded. At the end of the hall, where the entrance to the cafeteria was, I could see a bright light over the heads of the crowd in front of me. "There must be a television crew there filming; maybe that's why it's so mobbed," I thought to myself. I finally made my way to the cafeteria, and looked for the TV crew. There was none.

There, standing in front of the doors as if waiting for me, was Marty. And the bright light I saw was coming from him! My jaw fell to the floor. No one else noticed anything as they walked around him to get inside. Standing there agape, Marty walked up to me and said, "Mike, I read your book, and made contact with the Eck Master. I have been soul-traveling ever since." I stammered, "I can see that!" He told me he was dropping out of school, and moving somewhere in the Caribbean, and that his girlfriend would return my book.

I never saw him again.

Now that I am living in South Florida, and not too far from the islands of the Caribbean, I wonder if I will ever run into him. If I do, I'll know him by his aura. I have never seen one like it. Not that I see auras everyday, because I don't.

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